Below you'll find an ever-expanding collection of herbal & wellness information, tips on sustainable living & selecting healthy products, DIY recipes and profiles on our favorite botanical ingredients written by our founding herbalist.


Herbs for Loving Yourself & Others

Plants are the original masters of attraction and can exert their aphrodisiac & amorous affects on us, enhancing our capacity for intimacy.

Winter Wellness for Cold Season

Traditional wisdom offers no shortage of advice on how to support our body’s optimal state of being and keep your immune system at peak performance.

Taking Care When Under the Weather

Understanding how to protect ourselves and how to take care of our bodies when illness strikes is the best way to speed recovery and preserve our health.

My Top Tips for Healthy Travels

A little extra preparation (and a few of my favorite elixirs) can go a long way in helping you feel your best when you arrive at your destination.

Cycle Energetics & Period Wellness

This guide is designed to help you understand the energetics of your period and each phase of your cycle so you can nurture your body where it's at. 

Herbal Remedies for Everyday Ailments

The following compilation includes the common maladies I'm often asked about and my recommendations for elixirs, herbal remedies & lifestyle practices.

How to Eat for Optimal Health

From frequently catching colds to chronic exhaustion, eating well can dramatically improve the state of our health and, in turn, allow us to thrive.

Herbal Library Resource List

A list of all my favorite books & resources on beginner & advanced herbalism, aromatherapy & product formulation, holistic nutrition & plants of Hawai'i.


Digestive Harmony Tea Recipe

This lovely blend of herbs is perfect for sipping after meals to enhance digestion, as well as to relieve stomach upset in the form of achiness, heaviness or bloating.

DIY Hand Sanitizer (+ All the Facts)

Here you'll find everything you didn't even know you needed to know about hand sanitizer, what you don't want in yours, and how to make your own.


Ins & Outs of Irritated Skin

Learn how to distinguish amongst the most common causes of skin irritation, and how to remediate them with lifestyle changes & elixirs.

Dry Skin: Causes & Remedies

From harsh weather to harsh soap, there are lots of reasons why the skin dries out. Keep yours hydrated & healthy with these easy remedies.

First Aid Basics: Wound Care

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Why & How to Avoid Flavors & Fragrances

I've outlined some key facts about why flavors & fragrances are harmful, how to reduce your exposure, and how we can pave the way for better products.

Life Hacks for Sustainable Living

We each have a role to play in treading lightly and tending to the earth. The following are my personal practices and life hacks for living a low impact life.

5 Ways to Spot Body Care That Doesn't Care

Most of what we apply on our skin gets absorbed, which is why we need to consider what we wear topically as as much as what we consume internally.



Mentha spp.


Rosa damascena 


Curcuma longa


Theobroma cacao


Artemisia vulgaris


Vanilla planifolia


Cinnamomum verum


Zingiber officinale