Botanical name: Artemisia vulgaris

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Part Used: Aerial parts ~ leaves & flowers

Aromatic Notes: Herbaceous & verdant, with notes of Sage

About the Herb: 

Mugwort has an ancient reputation as both a magical and medicinal herb, treasured for divination and healing alike. Old folk herbalism books speak at lengths about the affects of Mugwort's aroma on the dream world, and her ability to inspire dreams of lucid awareness and premonitions.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Mugwort is used extensively in the form of moxa: the dried (and often aged) foliage of the plant is ground up into a fluffy mass and rolled into cigar-shaped wands or small cones to be burned near the body. The smoke ~ rich with volatile oils ~ provides warmth and promotes healthy circulation, and considered to be deeply healing.

A silver-backed plant with shape-shifting leaves that glow in the moonlight, Mugwort is a unique beauty that can often be found winding through wild spaces and along roadsides.


We infuse garden grown Mugwort into our Lucid Dream Balm, Blue Moon Balm & Pain Healer Salve, as well as our seasonal batch Mugwort Incense

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