Cultivate a truly unique & sensorial experience for your team, clients or guests with an interactive Botanical Bar workshop led by Deanna Rose, founder & formulator of Indigo Elixirs. We can tailor the activity style to your specific needs and are able to accommodate events anywhere on O'ahu.


Pricing varies largely depending on the group size, workshop style, location & materials required. Please email to request a custom quote for your event.


Explore 20+ botanical extracts for crafting a unique perfume, beauty serum or healing oil. This informal drop-in style workshop allows participants to simultaneously create their oil within 15-30 minutes.

The Botanical Oil Bar is perfect for larger events with a multitude of activities happening, or for a more casual setting where customers can stop by at their leisure.


Learn about a specific facet of herbalism or wellness and engage in a DIY botanical activity. A standard class lasts for 1-2 hours and can encompass both lecture on a specific topic and a hands-on crafting component, with a focus on one or the other.

Private workshops are great for events that have a set schedule with a small groups or large ones. Possible topics include: Botanical Perfumery, Herbal Energetics, or Food as Medicine. Please inquire via email for additional suggestions that would suit your occasion.



Deanna Rose Ahigian, L.Ac & Dipl.OM, is the founder & formulator of Hawai'i grown body care line Indigo Elixirs. A licensed clinical herbalist with an MSOM in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has led various types of herbal workshops for over a decade and is passionate about sharing the beauty & healing magic of plants. Her interactive & engaging classes allow guests to learn new skills as they create, and have been hosted by various venues around the island including Urban Outfitters, the Queen Kapiolani Hotel & Down to Earth.