Botanical name: Theombroma cacao

Plant Family: Malvaceae 

Part Used: Beans, fermented & roasted

Aromatic Notes: Rich, sweet, decadent

About the Herb: 

Of all the ambrosial delights under the sun, Cacao is certainly a contender for number one. Theobroma ~ the botanical genus of this evergreen tree  ~ literally translates to food of the gods.
Cacao is a marvel for many reasons. The skin of her beautiful fruits range in a rainbow of hues, from greens and reds to orange and purple. Once cracked open, the pods yield a delicious flesh that can be eaten raw, surrounding bitter yet edible seeds.
To transform these Cacao seeds into your favorite dessert takes quite a bit of alchemy, a special process of fermenting & roasting. The result is a toasted nib that, once crushed and blended with sugary sweetness, yields your favorite bar of dark chocolate.
Many of our chocolatey elixirs are crafted with Cacao shells, a highly aromatic byproduct of the chocolate making process. We source our shells from local chocolatiers who use Hawai'i grown Cacao beans, making this a sustainable & low impact ingredients.
Several of our formulations also incorporate Fair Trade Cacao butter, an ultra nourishing natural fat that is pressed from the processed nibs. This nutrient-rich butter excels at restoring moisture to chapped skin, reducing scars & stretch marks, and protecting our outer layer from harsh environmental elements.
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