Botanical name: Zingiber officinale

Plant Family: Zingiberaceae / Ginger Family

Part Used: rhizome

Key Traits: hot & pungent

About the Herb:

This hot, spicy herb helps to keep things moving, circulating, flowing. Ginger rhizomes bring warmth to the body, especially at our core. Laden with essential oil, her ability to bring the heat makes Ginger an essential ally for all manor of cold complaints, whether it be aches in the belly or in the joints.

Fresh and dry Ginger are distinguished in their abilities. Many traditional Chinese formulas include a few slices of fresh Ginger to aid the digestion and help the body assimilate other herbs, and the aromatic oils within the fresh plant make it most useful for the early stages of colds and flus. Dry Ginger is considered a more deeply warming herb, and is utilized to heat us up in cases of chronic interior coldness or digestive deficiency. 

Topically, Ginger encourages circulation and brings warmth where applied, making it ideal for aches and pains that worsen with cold.


We infuse fresh, locally grown Ginger rhizomes and essential oil into our Blue Moon Balm for cramps, sore muscles & stomach aches. 

Dry Ginger lends its digestive supporting warmth to Digestive Harmony Tea & Golden Spice Herbal Blend