How can we help?



How can I pick up my order locally in Honolulu?

You can pick up your online purchases from Better Daze at 737 Kapahulu Avenue during open hours. Use checkout code BETTERDAZE to opt for local pickup. You will still have to select a shipping method but there will be no charge.

You will receive an order confirmation email immediately after purchase. When you receive an 'Order Fulfilled' email, your items are ready for pickup. Note that the processing time before pickup may be up to 7 days.

Once your order is ready, please pick it up within 2 weeks. Better Daze is open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 2pm, but check their website for the most current hours.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices are based on weight, and therefore vary depending on what you order but can be calculated on the Cart page.

Domestic orders typically cost around $4-5 for small orders and $8-10 for larger orders. You can your shipping cost by entering your zip code on the Cart page. U.S. orders over $100 receive a free shipping option automatically.

International orders vary by country but typically range from around $18 for small orders and $24+ for medium-sized orders. 

When will I receive my order?

Most orders are shipped within 1 to 5 days of purchase, but in rarer instances within 6 to 10 days. Please note that if your order takes on the longer side to ship, we are currently in the process of producing & restocking at least one of your items so you will receive the freshest batch possible. We appreciate your patience in respecting our small batch, handcrafted way of business!

All packages are sent via USPS and, once shipped, usually arrive within 1 - 2 days to Hawaii residents or 3 - 5 days to U.S. mainland residents. Tracking numbers for all domestic orders are sent via a shipping confirmation email once your order is ready to be mailed.

International orders are somewhat variable, but generally take 7 to 21 days in transit. If you are an international customer and want tracking, please contact me before you finalize your order as it will require an additional charge. 

If you need an order by a deadline (such as for a birthday gift), please email before you purchase to ensure that your requested items are in stock and can reach you by the desired date.

What should I do if I haven't received my order?

Please keep an eye on your tracking info when you are expecting a package. Once we drop a package off with USPS, all the information we can access is on the USPS tracking info page linked within your shipping confirmation email. You will receive additional emails (or texts) to let you know when your package is currently out for delivery and as soon as it has been delivered.

If you receive a delivery notification but cannot find your package, be sure to check everywhere a delivery person could have possibly left it ~ around the mailbox, on the front porch, by the back door. Check with your neighbors in case it was accidentally delivered to them, and if still no sign ask your postal worker if they have any insight or info. If the package has yet to turn up, contact your local USPS post office. 

If you've done all of the above, reach out to us at and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your elixirs find you. Please keep in mind that we are a very small business with limited resources, so the more leg work you do before contacting us the more quickly we can troubleshoot and find a solution. 

What if my order is a gift?

We do not include any price info inside of packages we send, but every order is shipped with a packing slip of the items that should be inside the box. If you'd like to send a small memo to the recipient, you can write it in the Notes section of the Cart page ~ this will appear on the printed packing slip.

All orders are shipped plastic-free using recycled, recyclable & compostable materials. We 'gift wrap' every order so that our packages are always a treat to open!


What if there's an issue with my order?

If an item is missing from your order or you receive the incorrect items, please send us an email right away to so we can remedy the situation.

All of our items are packed very carefully in sustainable shipping materials to ensure safe transit, but in the rare instance of a travel mishap, we will replace any items that are damaged, broken, or melted. Typically only our Whipped Love & Savior Salve can potentially melt during shipping: the contents of the jar will look somewhat empty or deflated (though still fine to use).

What is the return policy?

Please make sure to read the entire product description of each item to get a better understanding of what will work for you. Due to the nature of our products, we cannot take back used items.

If you are unsatisfied with something you purchased, please email us at as soon as possible so we can provide a resolution.


Which products should be avoided while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Some of our products contain herbs or essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy due to uterine-stimulating actions or potentially harmful effects on a developing fetus. Of the ingredients we commonly work with, this includes Cedarwood, Clove, Mugwort, Labdanum (Rock Rose), Myrrh & Thyme. 

Due to their inclusion of the aforementioned botanicals, please do not use the following products while pregnant: Lucid Dream Balm, Blue Moon Balm, Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir, Midwood Musk Perfume, Ritual Resin Perfume, and Neroli Nectar Perfume.

Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Thyme have all been found to reduce the supply of breast milk. Please use the following products sparingly or avoid using while breastfeeding, as they all contain one or more of the above oils: Head Tonic, Pain Healer Salve, Breathe Relief Balm, Don't Bug Me Insect Repellent, and Vanilla Mint Lip Bar.


How long will elixirs last?

Like all natural products, ours should be used fresh while they are most potent. Please enjoy Indigo Elixirs within a year of purchase, unless otherwise noted. Help preserve your elixirs by keeping them out of light & heat, dipping into jars & tins with clean, dry hands, and avoid getting water into your items.

If unsure whether a product is still good to use, always trust your nose! Take note of the scent when you first receive an item, and if you notice any changes in smell or discolorations it is time to get a new one. 

When it comes to our 'fresh' products, note that the 'best by' date is a suggestion. Think of these items like fresh food in your refrigerator: instead of just going by the date, use the look and smell to determine whether they are still good to use. Does the scent and texture appear the same as the day you received it? Still good. Is it emitting a funky blue cheese or rancid oil aroma, or does it have blotches that look like mold growth? Don't use it ~ add it to your compost instead! Keep in mind that fresh products can last long beyond they're 'best by' date, especially if you are using them regularly (or at least a few times a week). If you're going out of town and leaving your fresh products behind, the best place to keep them is in the fridge! 

My elixir changed consistency but still smells fine. Can I still use it?

Because we avoid synthetic emulsifiers in any of my products, we instead rely on good old-fashioned emulsifying that requires exact ratios and temperatures to blend well. This means that over time and with changes in temperature, items can eventually change consistency. Cocoa butter has a tendency to get a bad ‘temper’ ~ the temper refers to its proper crystallization. Salves and balms with cocoa butter may form streaks and odd (sometimes beautiful) patterns: these are totally harmless to the efficacy of the product, aside from the fact that it might change the smoothness. Shea butter can undergo something similar; if exposed to too much heat it may create tiny balls within the formulation. Again, totally harmless - just warm the mixture in your hands to smooth it out.

Whipped products, like the Whipped Love Butter and Savior Salve, are more sensitive to heat due to their buttery nature. Be extra careful to avoid exposing these to extreme heat. If they do melt, leave in the fridge overnight to re-solidify them. The texture won’t be as soft and delicate but they will still be just as effective. 


Are your elixirs Cruely Free / Vegan / Organic?

Every elixir is 100% cruelty free. None of our products or ingredients have been tested on animals. All of our materials have withstood the test of time, meaning that they have been used in a similar fashion for thousands of years and are considered safe in the proper context. 

All products in glass bottles and rollers are vegan. Elixirs in jars contain locally produced beeswax, which helps to preserve the botanical blends and carry them into the skin. Beeswax is a natural byproduct of the honey industry here in Hawaii, and therefore makes the most sense ecologically in terms of sourcing a wax for my balms. We source from only a few local beekeepers whom we trust for their conscious caring of the bees. 

While our products are not certified organic, we work with plenty of organic ingredients and these are denoted as such on the labels and product descriptions. We do prioritize sustainably grown local ingredients first and foremost, and organic certification is both a financial and logistical burden for small farms. However, several of our suppliers are certified organic, and the ones that are not generally ascribe to regenerative growing practices ~ see our Growers page for more details. We also cultivate many of our key medicinal herbs in-house, nourished entirely with Mānoa sun, rain & home brewed compost.