When will I receive my order?

Your order will ship within 1 week of purchase. Packages are sent via USPS priority mail, which typically arrive by the next day if you're within Hawaii or 3 to 5 days if you're on the U.S. mainland. International orders are somewhat variable, but often take a couple of weeks. All domestic orders have tracking numbers available upon request. If you are an international customer and want tracking, please contact me before you finalize your order as it will require an additional charge. 

How long will elixirs last?

Most of my products consist of an infused oil base, which typically has a shelf life of six months. Many items also contain added local beeswax, organic raw plant butters, and essential oils, all of which help to stabilize the blend and extend its use. Elixirs are made frequently in small batches, but possess optimum nutrients within about six months from when you receive them. If you keep them away from heat and light and always dip into tins & jars with clean hands, some products will last up to a year. Always trust your nose ~ it knows best! If the smell changes, discontinue use.

My elixir changed consistency but still smells fine. What is going on?

Because I avoid synthetic emulsifiers in any of my products, I rely on good old-fashioned emulsifying that requires exact ratios and temperatures to blend well. This means that over time and with changes in temperature, items can eventually change consistency. Cocoa butter has a tendency to get a bad ‘temper’ ~ the temper refers to its proper crystallization. Salves and balms with cocoa butter (particularly the Chocolate Balm) may form streaks and odd (sometimes beautiful) patterns: these are totally harmless to the efficacy of the product, aside from the fact that it might change the smoothness. Shea butter can undergo something similar; if exposed to too much heat it may create tiny balls within the formulation. Again, totally harmless - just warm the mixture in your hands to smooth it out. Whipped products, like the Whipped Love Body Butter and Savior Salve, are more sensitive to heat due to their buttery nature. Be extra careful to avoid exposing these to extreme heat. If they do melt, leave in the fridge overnight to re-solidify them. The texture won’t be as soft and delicate but they will still be just as effective. 

What is the return policy?

If you are unsatisfatied with any product, please email me immediately at I will provide store credit or a refund for up to two weeks after you received the item.

What is the difference between Botanically Infused Oils and Essential Oils?

Most of my productes consist of a base of botanically infused oil. This means that I gather or harvest fresh and dried plants and let them soak in a cold pressed vegetable or nut oil (such as olive, coconut or macadamia) over low heat for a long period of time. The infusion process allows the medicinal properties of the plant to absorb into the oil. Because I prefer to work with local ingredients, I am most often making infusions with fresh plants. I believe this ultimately helps to create more potent, aromatic formulas.

Essential oils are typically produced by steam distillation. This process involves ‘cooking’ plant material either in or over a bath of water, collecting the resulting steam and then condensing it. The result of distillation is largely a distillate, or hydrosol, which has the consistency of water but the mild properties and aroma of the plant from which it came. If you peer into the reception vessel of a still, you will see mostly this watery hydrosol substance with a very thin layer of essential oil floating on the top. This precious layer is the essential oil, which consists of the most volatile (quickest to evaporate) substances in the plant. Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts, making them extremely potent and therefore come with inherent cautions regarding their use. They also require huge amounts of plant material to yield tiny amounts of oil, and are mostly produced by farmers who specialize in creating just a few different varieties of oil. I source several essential oils from local farmers within Hawaii and purchase the rest from sustainable sources worldwide.

Where do your ingredients come from?

Living on a island in the middle of the ocean, I feel that it is hugely important to source ingredients as locally as possible. My current line was birthed around the materials that are both abundant and unique to Hawaii. Many of the medicinal herbs in my elixirs are grown in my small Manoa garden or sourced from farmers throughout the islands. My beeswax comes from caring beekeepers in Waihole and Waianae. The buttery macadamia oil is pressed from Big island mac nut groves. The fragrant cacao shells that scent my Chocolate Balm, Mocha Rose Stain & Tint and Hot Mint Chocolate Bar are a byproduct of Madre Chocolate’s Hawaiian-grown chocolate bars. The achiote that tinges the Citrus Blossom Stain a vibrant shade of blood-orange are wildcrafted in Waimanalo and available at the coop there. I am forever inspired by discovering new materials and will continue to add evolve the line based on what is available and plentiful!