Botanical name: Curcuma longa

Plant Family: Zingiberaceae

Part Used: Rhizomes

Aromatic Notes: Bitter & pungent

About the Herb: 

Here in Hawai'i, January marks Turmeric harvest season. Dig into the dirt beneath her fallen leaves and you'll find clusters of rhizomes that have spent the past year maturing. Pull them up, rinse off, and slice open to reveal a vibrant orange inner flesh.
Turmeric has played a vital role in various healing traditions across thousands of years. The slightly bitter, pungent roots are used fresh or dry, whole or powdered in food, medicine & beauty.
Considered one of the most potent ‘blood movers’ in Chinese Medicine, Turmeric encourages healthy circulation to relieve swelling, pain and tissue damage. Our Pain HealerBlue Moon & Solve All herbal salves all have local Turmeric as a key ingredient.
On the skin, Turmeric helps reduce inflammation & irritation to alleviate acne & rashes, and brightens the complexion to improve skin radiance & minimize dark spots. Curcumin, an antioxidant compound in the rhizome, has also been found to inhibit skin damage from environmental stress and speed wound healing. 
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