Botanical name: Rosa damascena 

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Part Used: Flower

Aromatic Notes: Fresh & sweetly floral

About the Herb: 

Throughout time immemorial, Roses have bewitched & enchanted us. Her enveloping folds of unfurling petals and intoxicatingly sweet aroma earned her title as the Queen of Flowers, and she has long been coveted in food, medicine & beauty around the world.  My Armenian ancestors likely offered the flowers to the goddess of love & beauty, Astghik (also known as Aphrodite & Venus) to bestow these gifts upon them.

Is it any wonder that the rose has been emphatically adored across cultures & borders throughout all of known history? This visually captivating and blissfully aromatic flower has become an archetype for love and the human heart ~ every thorn on its stem is there to protect the delicate beauty that rests upon it, just as our intuitions & emotions ensure that only those deserving have access to our affection. Rose encourages us to be discerning in our intimate relationships, and inspires passion within oneself. She encourages us to find divinity within our human lives, and to only embrace love that is worthy of us.

As one of the oldest plants still in existence ~ dating back forty million years ~ Rose is a testament to all that perseveres. Atop her thorny footing unfurls a delicate bloom, gracing us ever so briefly with alluring aroma and brilliant beauty, before the petals wilt and fall to the earth. ⁠And yet, despite the fleeting life and fated end of each precious blossom, the spirit of Rose lives on to see another day. 

On the skin, Roses lend their tonifying & soothing nature to help encourage a youthful glow and relieve irritation. In perfume, her alluring scent encourages happiness and is a potent aphrodisiac.