When the weather gets cold, our skin tends to dry out ~ whether from the bitter outdoors, the arid indoor heat, or both. Harsh soaps, chemical-laden lotions, dehydration, and internal dryness can all exacerbate the problem, leading to rawness, chapping & irritation.

Common Causes of Dry Skin

If you're struggling with parched skin, first identify which of the most common causes from the list above could be a factor: harsh soaps, low quality lotions, extreme weather, dehydration or internal dryness. Then try implementing the remedies below to address the root issues.

Easy Remedies for Dry Skin

When it comes to natural emollients & topical occlusives, we've got you covered ~ our formulations are designed with dry skin in mind. We work only with nourishing botanical ingredients (and nothing highly processed or synthetic) to tend to & mend your epidermis.

For most cases of dry skin, Whipped Love will be your best bet ~ it can be used from your face to your feet, and is suitable for slightly dry to very dry skin. Apply as soon as you finish bathing to seal in moisture and prevent dryness. 

If you're dealing with extreme dryness in the form of chapping, rawness & irritation, Seven Seeds is the balm for you. It also works wonders for reducing sun spots, scarring, and stretch marks ~ especially for expecting mamas!

Elixirs for Dry Skin


Small areas of dryness or minor irritation can be addressed by Solve All Salve. This versatile healer also helps heal itchy spots and abrasions due to cuts, scrapes & bug bites. 

While just about all of our elixirs can be used to moisturize the face, Glow Potion is a nutritive day & night cream formulated specifically to protect & repair your delicate facial complexion. You can also use it on any areas of the body that are prone to sun exposure & age spots. 

Skin types with moderate dryness will benefit from the light hydration of Moon All Over Oil, which soaks in easily and imparts a lovely aroma. Apply to moisturize the face & body and to smooth and soften the hair for a full body glow. 

Elixirs for dry skin

Have a question on which remedies will best suit your skin? Send me an email at herbalist@indigoelixirs.com.

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