Elixir Collective No. 2 ~ Jade Balm

Elixir Collective No. 2 ~ Jade Balm

Jade Balm was inspired by the brilliant aquamarine Jade Vine flowers, a beautiful seasonal botanical here in Hawaii. Paired with locally grown Lavender & Calendula in a Limited Batch formulation, this soothing beauty balm is the featured item of the March Elixir Collective alchemy subscription box.


Possibly my most moisturizing elixir yet, this bar is the perfect nourishment for your skin on the go. Scented with the light + sweet aroma of Hawaiian vanilla beans infused into raw butters, cold pressed oils and local beeswax, it melts right in & will leave every part of you soft + smooth. Use as a lip balm, face balm, body balm; great as a travel moisture balm, pre- & post-beach or to keep your skin hydrated through the wintertime. 



I recently found myself unexpectedly enraptured by a true Evergreen Den of Hawaii. While camping on the mountainside of Haleakala, Maui’s extinct volcano, we found ourselves immersed in a lush forest of cedar woods, pines & eucalyptus trees ~ the very botanicals of which this elixir is created. The tucked-away den exuded my favorite aromatic aspects of this blend: resinous wood & fresh camphor, cool mountain air & morning dew. While Evergreen Den often leaves me with Northeast & Northwest nostalgia, it was lovely to find such scents hidden away on a Hawaiian island.

All Over Oil is a super versatile hair + body oil, available in 5 blends each featuring a unique essential oil of Hawaii. Available for $12 / $20.


Doing that Indigo Elixirs thing. At Yogarden in Waimanalo. With strawberries.  And my dear friend Amber.


Yogarden is Tomorrow!

Join us for this epic festival of yoga, gardening + music at Green Rows Farm! Tickets include workshops & live jams by local favorites. I will be there from 2-7pm with the Elixir & Perfumery Bar! See more details + get tickets at yogardenhawaii.com

Tantalus x

Had an inspiring morning at the jungle abode of @tamararigney, working on a @paikohawaii x Indigo Elixirs collaboration by wandering under eucalyptus canopies in attempts to capture the essence of Tantalus

IE at Urban Outfitters!

Indigo Elixirs are at Urban Outfitters in Waikiki! So stoked to be a part of their phenomenal body care section!


Lucid Dreams for the World

What a week! I sent my#LucidDreamBalm all over the globe… to#Paris #France#London #England#Austria#Hampshire#Turkey#Vancouver #Canada#Australia & #Japan to name a few! Sweet dreams, world

Into the Gloss x Lucid Dream Balm

So many thanks to@intothegloss for this lovely article on my Lucid Dream Balm by Connie Tsang! 
Check it out on their site at http://intothegloss.com


Weekend of Music & Chocolate

Join us for another weekend of music + chocolate! @ydine & AnotheRevolution will be playing at the Elephant Thai Truck {near Pipeline} on North Shore tonight at 6… Then get your choco fix on with the Chocolate Festival in Kailua tomorrow morning from 8:30 till noon! I’ll be there alongside Oahu’s finest confections with all of my most chocolatey elixirs.