Indian Ghost Pipe


A rare encounter in the woods of Wellfleet. I was once told that this plant can be used to calm the mind after a traumatic psychedelic experience. The ghost pipe contains no chlorophyll and is therefore parasitic, feeding from the roots of mushrooms and trees. The flowers bloom for a week and quickly turn black; often found near decaying matter, it also goes by the name ‘Corpse Plant.’

The aroma bares a striking resemblance to the flesh of dragon fruit, as does its translucent grey hue.

{Monotropa uniflora}

Gateway to the Garden

Front Page News

My east coast apothecary & I made it into Westwood Hometown Weekly, the town where Indigo Elixirs was born. Many thanks to James Maimonis for featuring me on the front page!

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Big Island ~ California ~ East Coast Tour

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