A pain-relieving rub for your monthly moon ~ simply massage onto abdomen & low back to relieve cramping. All the herbs in this formula are warming in nature, move the blood to keep things flowing, calm the spirit & alleviate pain: by applying in circular motions, you can actually feel heat being generated on your skin. The center of the balm features a ‘blue moon’ of soothing blue chamomile essential oil. In addition to working womanly wonders, this salve can also alleviate general muscle cramps & pains. Available in a 1 oz tin for $14.

Lucid Dream Balm @ Paiko Hawaii


Daydreamer Set

Mugwort Smudges

Making mugwort {Artemisia vulgaris} smudges out of plants from my mugwort garden in my parents backyard.

The smell of mugwort before you go to sleep helps to bring about dreams that are more vivid, lucid and foretelling of the future. It is also the herb of moxa, a TCM technique that makes use of the smoke for pain relief.

Comfrey Slurry

Comfrey slurry for a girl whose knees need some loving. This is a fresh poutice I prepared from aloe, olena, mugwort, thyme, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, honey & propolis.

Mugwort {Artemisia vulgaris} garden