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In a world of excess, we're striving for minimalism to reduce your footprint and ours. For this reason, we have intentionally avoided single-use vessels, plastic labels that last forever, fancy product boxes, over-the-top packaging, and anything else that exists purely for good branding but ultimately ends up in the trash.

When you order from us, very nearly everything you receive is reusable, compostable, biodegradable and/or recyclable so we don't add to your trash bin.



Shipping glass to Hawai'i is no small expense, and we'd love your help in keeping our precious vessels out of recycling bins or landfills. If you live within the Hawaiian Islands, you can send us your washed glass bottles, jars & tops ~ we will sterilize them and put them to use!

At this time, we are accepting clear glass:
• 1 oz & 4 oz bottles
• 0.15 oz, 0.75 oz, 2 oz & 6 oz jars
• 0.3 oz rollers

You can return your glass in the package you received your elixirs in. We will provide a free shipping label if you have at least 4 vessels to return (tops can be sent back if in good condition, but are not required), and will credit your Rewards account the equivalent of $2 per usable piece of glass upon receipt.


GLASS VESSELS = Reusable + Returnable + Recyclable

We love glass for its safety & infinite reusability. And to make our vessels more apt for repurposing, we've opted for labels that peel off easily without hassle. Simply let your glass sit in a bowl of water for several minutes and the label will peel right off with no sticky residue left behind.

We're also happy to take back your glass if you live in Hawai'i ~ see above for more info. As the very least, your glass is curbside recyclable.

LABELS = 100% Recycled + Compostable

Our products don't last forever (being are free of preservatives & weird chemicals), so our labels shouldn't either. We've been using naturally compostable kraft paper labels for years, and they are 100% post consumer recycled. You can add them to your vermicast or hot compost bin.

We consider the fact that they wear over time to be a plus, and reflective of the fresh nature of our products. It also makes our vessels easier to reuse!

INFO CARDS = 100% Recycled + Compostable + Recyclable

The cute little card you received with your order features one of our most treasured herbal allies that we hope will become one of yours, too. Hang it up to remind you to connect with nature daily and deepen your exploration of our botanical friends.

Our cards are printed on 100% post consumer recycled & naturally home compostable paper. You may be able to recycle it if (unlike O'ahu) your municipality accepts mixed paper.

PACKING & WASHI TAPE = Compostable

Our adorable patterned packaging tape (on boxes) & washi tape (used to wrap products) are both fully compostable in your home compost.

The packaging tape is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified responsibly sourced wood fiber, while the washi tape is made from rice paper. Both are printed with soy-based inks and use non-toxic adhesive.

WRAPPING PAPER = Compostable + Reusable + Recyclable

Our natural kraft wrapping paper can be easily added to your home compost bin. We also love using it in place of paper towels to wipe up grimy messes.

Depending on where you live, you may also be able to recycle kraft paper if your local recycling accepts mixed paper. Unfortunately, this is not the case on O'ahu.

PACKING PEANUTS = Upcycled + Compostable + Biodegradable

We receive biodegradable packing peanuts from our glass suppliers and upcycle them to ensure your Elixirs arrive safely.

They will dissolve quickly in water, and are fine to go down the drain once fully dissolved. You can also add them to your home compost.

SHIPPING BOXES = Compostable + Recyclable

Corrugated cardboard is naturally compostable, and can be added to your worm bin or used for home gardening projects.

Many municipalities, including O'ahu, accept corrugated cardboard in curbside recycling bins.

MAILERS = 100% Recycled + Biodegradable + Recyclable

Our kraft mailers are 100% recycled, which includes 20% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills. The inner padding is made from upcycled newspaper that has been macerated.

Mailers are curbside recyclable where mixed paper is accepted, and will also biodegrade in a compost pile.