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I recently found myself unexpectedly enraptured by a true Evergreen Den of Hawaii. While camping on the mountainside of Haleakala, Maui’s extinct volcano, we found ourselves immersed in a lush forest of cedar woods, pines & eucalyptus trees ~ the very botanicals of which this elixir is created. The tucked-away den exuded my favorite aromatic aspects of this blend: resinous wood & fresh camphor, cool mountain air & morning dew. While Evergreen Den often leaves me with Northeast & Northwest nostalgia, it was lovely to find such scents hidden away on a Hawaiian island.

All Over Oil is a super versatile hair + body oil, available in 5 blends each featuring a unique essential oil of Hawaii. Available for $12 / $20.



Into the Forest Set


Mamoma Country Fair


Bohemian Night at Chai Studio 


Midwood Musk


Doers + Dreamers Mktplace at UO Hawaii



Spent the day chasing clear skies & calm water… Finally found our salvation. 

Travel + Leisure: Rainbow Season

 Oh wow ~ for some epic rainbow action, check out this awesome article in Travel + Leisure online by Alex Schecter on why rainbows in Hawaii are the best! This photo of a doublerainbow was taken from the lanai at my old place in Manoa, one of my favorite rainbow viewing zones on Oahu!


Tantalus Mist

Check out this lovely interview with Paiko Hawaii on our recent collaborative potion! ‘Tantalus’ is a light room + body spray inspired by life in the Tantalus jungle above Honolulu {the neighborhood of Paiko founder Tamara Rigney}. Locally sourced Hawaiian vetiver & sandalwood are the base of this fresh & intoxicating scent, available exclusively at Paiko. 

See the full story behind this elixir {along with beautiful photos of my Manoa home by Kenna Reed} on Paiko’s blog: