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May 07, 2016 — Deanna Ahigian



I recently found myself unexpectedly enraptured by a true Evergreen Den of Hawaii. While camping on the mountainside of Haleakala, Maui’s extinct volcano, we found ourselves immersed in a lush forest of cedar woods, pines & eucalyptus trees ~ the very botanicals of which this elixir is created. The tucked-away den exuded my favorite aromatic aspects of this blend: resinous wood & fresh camphor, cool mountain air & morning dew. While Evergreen Den often leaves me with Northeast & Northwest nostalgia, it was lovely to find such scents hidden away on a Hawaiian island.

All Over Oil is a super versatile hair + body oil, available in 5 blends each featuring a unique essential oil of Hawaii. Available for $12 / $20.



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Spent the day chasing clear skies & calm water… Finally found our salvation. 

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