Vetiver Balm with Hawaiian Vetiver Roots

The Final Elixir Collective

This month marks the end of the Elixir Collective in its current iteration.⁠ I initially started this monthly subscription as a way to share some of Hawaii's more unique and rare flora, in the form of limited batch items that allowed for ultimate creative freedom. After nearly two years, I've crafted dozens of new products ranging from infused honeys to incense and every form of skincare in between. This project has been ultimately fulfilling, as it challenged me every month to formulate something I've never made before, and gave me space to explore materials and mediums that I'd otherwise never dedicated time to. ⁠ ⁠

November 21, 2019 — Deanna Rose
Elixir Collective No. 18 ~ Afterglow Potion

Elixir Collective No. 18 ~ Afterglow Potion

The height of summer feels like the time of year when lotions are ideal: because of their dual nature, they are inherently lighter on the skin and absorb easily without feeling heavy. The Afterglow Potion was conceived to be the perfect aftersun care formulation — every ingredient within this velvety smooth serum is there to help your skin repair from long days in the sun...
July 31, 2019 — Deanna Rose
Elixir Collective No. 17 ~ Manoa Mist & Aromatic Armor

Elixir Collective No. 17 ~ Manoa Mist & Aromatic Armor

Most days in the back of the valley, the clouds kiss the mountain tops and wisps roll down their sides as if the cosmos were gracing us with their presence. In Hawaiian, the word Manoa means lush and deep, and both are perfect descriptors for this jungly Honolulu neighborhood microcosm. The June Elixir Collective featured an exclusive pre-release of Manoa Mist, an Atmosphere Spray inspired by this beautiful valley...
Elixir Collective No. 16 ~ Sunbather Salve

Elixir Collective No. 16 ~ Sunbather Salve

The Sun — an enigmatic celestial body so magnificent that gods were created just to explain its existence. Sunlight is crucial to our health, both for body and mind, as it activates cellular reactions on the surface of the skin that are essential for our survival. But just the right balance of sun exposure is key: too much (or too little) can be detrimental to our livelihood. The May Elixir Collective featured a product I've long been working on that incorporates photoprotectant botanicals from around the world into an experimental Sunbather Salve...
Elixir Collective No. 14 Rooted Honey

Elixir Collective No. 14 ~ Rooted Honey

Food is medicine is beauty. The enclosed offering is truly rooted in this philosophy, with an elixir that can flow with ease from your kitchen to your first aid kit to your skin care routine. Rooted Honey is a classic staple in my apothecary for its broad versatility and healing potency: a combination of three ingredients come together and augment one another for this immune-enhancing, disease-fighting, inflammation-reducing blend...
Elixir Collective #12 Wellness Subscription Box

Elixir Collective No. 12 ~ Breathe Relief Balm & Breathe Easy Herbal Steam

The January Elixir Collective subscription was centered around maintaining optimal wellness throughout the winter season. A special first batch of my newly released Breathe Relief Balm, and exclusive batch Breathe Easy Herbal Steam, and a page full of tips to stay healthy in colder months were all a part of the No. 12 box...

Elixir Collective 11

Elixir Collective No. 11 ~ Lux & Nox Facial Serums

The December Elixir Collective subscription box featured two exclusive batch facial oils, Lux & Nox. These two botanical oils are designed to nourish the delicate facial complexion, and are named after the words light & night in Latin. The duo were inspired by the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice...
December 29, 2018 — Deanna Ahigian
Elixir Collective No. 10

Elixir Collective No. 10 ~ Cacao Oil Mask & Chocolate Balm

Of all of nature’s delectable pleasures, few offer such universal delight as the exotic Cacao bean. The November Elixir Collective subscription box featured an exclusive batch Cacao Oil Mask and a sample of my latest reincarnation of Chocolate Balm. These offerings were sent along with hand-decorated recycled paper card with the following words...

November 30, 2018 — Deanna Ahigian
Elixir Collective No. 9

Elixir Collective No. 9 ~ 'Iliahi Incense & Ritual Resin

The October Elixir Collective subscription box featured hand-rolled 'Iliha Incense and Ritual Resin, two offerings inspired by rare and beautiful Hawaiian Sandalwood. Each package included a tin of three incense cones on a bed of Big Island Sandalwood chips, a natural agate stone, a dram glass dropper of Ritual Resin perfume, a muslin bag and a card with the following words... 
October 30, 2018 — Deanna Ahigian
Elixir Collective No. 8

Elixir Collective No. 8 ~ Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oil & Tropical Locks

Locked within plant cells and tangled amongst its fiber, nature’s richest resource resides often out of sight: oil. Inspired by this nutrient-dense, luscious liquid that we adorn ourselves with, the September Elixir Collective featured a tinted Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oil & Tropical Locks hydrating hair serum.