Indigo Elixirs founder & licensed clinical herbalist Deanna Rose Ahigian, L.Ac & Dipl.OM specializes in skin health & herbal first aid and offers custom topical blends, internal herbal formulations & one-on-one holistic wellness guidance.

Book a free 15 minute call for assistance in selecting the Elixirs that would best suit your needs, or to discuss whether you would benefit from tailored herbal support.


• Skin irritation & inflammation • Eczema & mystery rashes • Topical fungal, bacterial & viral infections • Herbal first aid • Bites & stings • Wound care • Minor injuries & bruising


All consults are done via audio or secure video phone call depending on the nature of the issue. Consult calls must be scheduled in advance and may be cancelled at no cost up to 24 hours before the appointment.


$50 per 30 minute call + cost of herbal formulations. Virtual invoices for all services will be sent via email.


All custom formulations are shipped via USPS either from our Honolulu apothecary (and packed with sustainable materials) or compiled and mailed from a trusted mainland herbal dispensary for delivery to your home address.



Based on your unique presentation, you may receive custom or proprietary preparations as well as internal herbal formulations:

• Herbal salves & creams
• Fresh poultices
• Washes & sprays
• Herbal teas, decoctions & tinctures

Pricing varies based on the ingredients & complexity of formula. Note that we work with the highest quality of herbs available on the market, and always opt for fresh & local ingredients when possible. You will be provided a quote for any recommended preparations.

Prescriptions can be shipped or picked up in Honolulu.



Deanna Rose Ahigian is a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner for herbalism and acupuncture in the state of Hawai'i. She obtained her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the World Medicine Institute here in Honolulu and has been immersed in the study and practice of herbal medicine for the past 15 years.

With a professional focus on topical medicinals, Deanna is deeply passionate about sourcing locally grown botanicals in her healing formulations. She aims to fuse traditional treatment strategies with modern science to provide the most effective herbal remedies for her patients. Read more about her story here