GODDESS GIVER Breast Massage Oil

$27.00 USD


This herbal oil is designed to nurture one of our most sacred aspects ~ the breasts. The fresh botanicals in this formula were intentionally chosen for traditional and clinically demonstrated efficacy in supporting healthy breast tissue and normal cell growth. Moving herbs enhance circulation and dispel stasis, while the practice of routine massage forges awareness and connection with this divine part of the body. 

An infusion of O'ahu Violet leaf, Turmeric, Mugwort & Roses offer gentle medicine with a slightly herbaceous aroma while the base of organic extra virgin Olive oil provides a nourishing carrier to hydrate the skin. ⁠


Goddess Giver was created to encourage you to cultivate a ritual around massaging your breasts, to give them attention they desire and deserve. Find a few moments out of your day to practice self massage, especially after bathing or before going to bed. Rub a dropperful between your palms and gently work in circles over the breasts, getting to know the particular landscape of each. Work your fingertips into the grooves of your ribs, above, below, and moving out from the sternum and down the side of the body. Shower yourself in positive affirmations and give thanks to the majesty of your unique form as you embrace every curve of yourself. 


The goddess represents the divine femininity in each of us; the aspect of our nature that is unwaveringly selfless. This oil is a gift to the ever-giving ~ a reminder to return the love we bestow upon others unto ourselves. 


New York Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil and Massachusetts Homegrown Foliage of Violet Leaves / Viola odorata, Comfrey Leaves / Symphytum officinale, Mugwort / Artemisia vulgaris Pine / Pinus strobus. 


For topical use only. Goddess Giver is not designed for breastfeeding women ~ please consult your healthcare practitioner regarding products that are safe to use while breastfeeding. 


Available in a 1 oz glass bottle with a glass dropper for a limited time only. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've enjoyed every last drop. 

Shelf Life

This elixir is most potent within six months of purchase. 


All of our items are wrapped using eco-friendly kraft paper & plastic free kraft tape, packaged in recyclable boxes & recycled mailers.