BREATHE RELIEF Respiratory Balm

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Breathe Relief is a cooling balm designed to clear & open the passages when you're feeling pressure, stuffiness or congestion. Locally grown herbs of Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano & Mint blend in amongst the all-star cast of aromatic oils that will help you breathe a sigh of relief.

Our Dec '23 reformulation now features local Sunflower & Macadamia oils for the salve base. We've also added a plethora of fresh herbs and organic Menthol (extracted by freezing Peppermint oil) for a more substantial kick. Please note that this elixir is now significantly stronger than previous versions!


Massage as needed onto your temples, forehead & under the nose, as well as on your throat, neck, chest & back. Give some additional love to areas that feel tender by making gentle small circles with your fingertips, such as the soft spots in the back of the neck and the muscles between the ribs on either side of your sternum.

This blend is also helpful for achy muscles and tired feet, and can be used as a spot treatment to ease itchy or painful insect bites!


Available in a 0.75 oz jar with metal lid. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've finished enjoyed every last bit. Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper.


This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase.



*Macadamia unrefined oil / Macadamia tetraphylla, *Sunflower unrefined oil / Helianthus annuus, *Beeswax / Cera alba, º*Oregano / Origanum vulgare, º*Thyme / Thymus vulgaris, *Rosemary / Rosmarinus officinalis, º*Spearmint / Mentha spicata, ºMenthol / Menthol arvensis, ºPeppermint Essential Oil / Mentha x piperita, *Eucalyptus essential oil / Eucalyptus globulus, ºRosemary Essential Oil / Rosmarinus officinalis, *Eucalyptus essential oil / Eucalyptus radiata

This is a complete list of ingredients. All are sourced exclusively from plants or hives and undergo only time-honored traditional extraction techniques to keep their inherent benefits fully intact. We avoid all things synthetic, relying entirely on the healing potency so abundant within the natural world that our collective ancestors have treasured for millenia.


We sourced ingredients for this elixir from the following Hawai'i farmers & suppliers:



A rainbow of potent botanicals from across the Hawaiian islands steep in locally sourced, nutrient-rich unrefined oil, melding their beautiful aromas and relinquishing their medicinal compounds into the fatty medium. The resulting infused oil is now charged with healing prowess of each individual constituent, amplified by their collective synergy. The herbs are strained out & composted, and raw fragrant local beeswax is added to preserve its integrity. A touch of volatile essential oils, added last, further protect and enhance the blend.


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