Kahalui, Maui, Hawai'i 

Maiden Hawaii Naturals produces cold pressed Macadamia & Sunflower oils that serve as the nourishing bases for most of our formulations. The company was established by Pacific Biodiesel, who operated the first biodiesel pump in America, to provide an additional supply of sustainable biodiesel fuel. 

Many of our products are crafted with Maiden Hawaii's expeller pressed Macadamia & Sunflower culinary oils, which are unrefined with no additives. Most skincare products use heavily processed refined oils that are stripped of their vital nutrients to be free of their natural aroma and color, but we always utilize virgin oils to provide the most nutritive formulations for your body. 

Here's a bit more about Maiden Hawaii's sustainable farming practices in their words:

At our 115-acre family farm in Maui’s central valley, we sustainably farm the sunflowers year-round using no pesticides, no herbicides and no GMO crops. All of our farm equipment runs on locally produced 100% biodiesel. Although we are not yet certified organic, we follow organic farming and production practices. And, because it is important to us to respect the Hawaiian culture and care for these islands, our farm team integrates the Hawaiian Moon Calendar into our farming operations – we evaluate this calendar when we’re planning our fields, aiming to plant on one of the optimum days while avoiding the few 'no plant; days.

Maiden Hawaii is our primary source of local carrier oils. We use their nourishing Macadamia & Sunflower oils as the base for the majority of our formulations.