Herbal Remedies for Everyday Ailments

Herbal Remedies for Everyday Ailments

A little traditional knowledge can go a very long way when it comes to taking care of our bodies on the day-to-day. The following compilation includes the common maladies I'm asked about most often and the elixirs, herbal remedies & lifestyle practices that I always recommend.
Why & How to Flavors & Fragrances

Why & How to Avoid Flavors & Fragrances

Pick up just about any personal care product at the drugstore and you'll find it hidden in plain sight amongst a lengthy ingredients list: fragrances. Peruse the packaged food at the grocery store and you'll find the vast majority include a similar culprit: flavors. What do they have in common? Both are difficult to avoid, impossible to know the composition of, and created by a handful of companies that make up the Flavors & Fragrance industry. 

I've outlined some key facts about why flavors & fragrances are harmful, how to reduce your exposure, and how we can pave the way for better products. 

Life Hacks for Sustainable Living

Life Hacks for Sustainable Living

We each have a role to play in treading lightly and tending to the earth ~ and by choosing what we consume and cultivating a conscious lifestyle, our actions have a ripple effect on the world at large. 
So whatever eco-minded habits we already have, let's take one step further and adopt new rituals that can become part of our daily lives.  The following are my personal practices and life hacks for living a low impact life, in a list that has evolved and expanded over the years. 
Taking Care When Under the Weather

Taking Care When Under the Weather

These days, it seems like cold season is upon us all year round. While it all feels very overwhelming, understanding how to protect ourselves and how to take care of our bodies when illness strikes is the best way to preserve our health. This advice is largely applicable regardless of your particular malady, whether you are in the midst of a seasonal cold, recovering from a prolonged illness, exposed to someone who's sick, stuck with a bout of digestive distress, in the throws of a bad hangover, or otherwise exhausted, overworked, stressed and just not feeling your best.
First Aid Basics: Wound Care with Indigo Elixirs

First Aid Basics: Wound Care

'Always be prepared.' I grew up with the Scout motto, thanks to my dad. And from this deeply instilled idea, I've developed several formulations that fit right into a well-stocked First Aid kit. 

When it comes to cuts, scrapes and gashes, proper wound care is crucial to help prevent infection and ensure our skin heals well. For minor wounds that don't require further medical attention, I've shared First Aid medical guidelines infused with my approach to wound care using Indigo Elixirs.

Opting for Healthy Body Care

5 Ways to Spot Body Care That Doesn't Care

When I first began experimenting with botanical body care over a decade ago, it was in pursuit of products that not only worked well but that I could adorn knowing that they were healthy. While we normally think of the skin as an intact barrier between us and the world around us, the reality is that this ‘barrier’ is in fact very permeable — much more like a screen than a door. Most of what we apply on our skin gets absorbed, which is why we need to give as much consideration to what we wear topically as to what we consume internally. I've compiled the following clues to help spot body care that doesn't care about your body. 

Deanna Rose Ahigian

Interview with the Founder

I recently had an interview with Laarni Gedo of Farm Link Hawai'i, as part of a feature to welcome Indigo Elixirs onto their platform. Farm Link is an online marketplace where O'ahu residents can buy local produce directly from Hawaii's farmers. You can see the featured blog post here and read the full original interview with me ~ Deanna Rose, the founder of IE ~ on our Journal.
Wanderer Set

My Top Tips for Healthy Travels

Airline travel opens up the world for us, but getting from point A to point B while staying healthy can be a daunting task within itself. A little extra preparation (and a few of my favorite elixirs) can go a long way in helping you feel your best when you arrive at your destination.

The following list incorporates my best advice for staying well while traveling by air, along with essential the products I never fly without. You can find all five of the elixirs mentioned in my new Voyager Set

Seven Seeds Moisture Balm

Caring for Overwashed Hands

If your hands are more dry than they've ever been, you are not alone. The current season has us all fully focused on hand hygiene to help keep ourselves and those around us healthy. From washing like crazy to heavily relying on hand sanitizer, all that soap and water and alcohol can certainly dry out the skin. And because our skin serves as a crucial component of our physical immune system, we want to keep it in intact ~ which means taking good care of it in between all that washing and sanitizing. 
How to Eat for Optimal Health

How to Eat for Optimal Health

Our diet provides all of the nutrients to fuel our entire body ~ every metabolic process, every movement, every thought is powered by the foods & drinks that we consume. When we find ourselves outside of an optimal state of health, we often need to reevaluate our dietary habits if we want to see improvements in the way we feel. From frequently catching colds to chronic exhaustion, eating well can dramatically improve the state of our health and, in turn, our immunity. We are only as resilient as our diets allow us to be. 
DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer (+ All the Facts)

What's the best way to keep your hands clean when you can't wash them? Hand sanitizer. In the wake of COVID-19, these simple antiseptics are all the rage (and out of stock). Here you'll find everything you didn't even know you needed to know about hand sanitizer, what you don't want in yours, and how to use them to make sure they are effective. I also share detailed instructions on how to make your own with ingredients you already have at home, including which essential oils are most likely to fight 2020's trending virus. 

Stay Well through Cold & Flu Season

How to Stay Well through Cold Season

There’s a reason the winter is known as ‘cold season’ — changing seasons and harsh temperatures can make us more vulnerable to catching seasonal colds and flus. Once you’re in the throes of illness, your symptoms generally need to run their course before you’ll feel reprieve. That’s why the best way to stay well throughout the winter is to avoid getting sick in the first place! Traditional wisdom offers no shortage of advice on how to support our body’s optimal state of being, and with a few simple life hacks you can keep your immune system at peak performance.