If you've ever smelled the sweet scent of Mango Ginger, you know exactly why I dreamed of infusing this unique rhizome into an elixir. Little did I know before researching it, Mango Ginger {botanically Curcuma amada} is actually a much loved Ayurvedic beauty secret for its skin-nourishing properties! Looking more like turmeric, it is a member of the Zingerberaceae {Ginger} family and smells remarkably akin to a fresh mango. My friend Travis, who works with Mana Farmacy on the Big Island, sent me a bag full of these precious rhizomes and I was inspired to create something sweet for the start of summer ~ and therefore, mango season here in Hawaii! 

Hawaiian Mango Ginger & Honey herbal infusion

The Mango Ginger Honey Scrub is made with a few of the islands sweetest ingredients and will leave your skin glowing! Fresh Mango Ginger rhizomes were infused into Hawaiian Honey and Organic Coconut Oil, and this hydrating base was blended with Maui Cane Sugar to create a gentle, nourishing exfoliant for your body. This scrub is currently available on its own in the Limited Batch collection until it's all out. 

Mango Ginger Honey Scrub

The May Elixir Collective package included a 4 oz amber glass jar of the Mango Ginger Honey Scrub, a small thumb of Mango Ginger for you to try at home {as a tea or in cooking}, and a detailed 100% recycled card which you can read here. Both the card and the small recycled envelope which enclosed the rhizome were stamped with a piece of fresh Mango Ginger dipped in ink.  

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