We embrace the summer and all its warmth with open arms as the most vibrant and abundant time of year. The flora is in full bloom, thirst quenching fruits and veggies come into harvest, and the days are at their longest. It is the most ‘yang’ season — hot, expansive and full of energy. We can smell the summer florals releasing their alluring aromas and hear the faint hum of pollinators in the eve. Life becomes its most alive, and we owe it all to one cosmic force that allows us to thrive: the Sun. Because it lingers longer each day, we stay up later into the night, and because it heats up the earth, we can bathe in its blanket of light.

SUN SPRAY is the featuring offering of the June Elixir Collective, and is a refreshing aqueous version of my newest All Over Oil blend dedicated to the solar body. This spray is like a sip of floral lemonade your skin can drink. The base consists of Hawaiian Lemongrass hydrosol, the infused water byproduct of essential oil distillation, with a bit of pure Hawaiian Lemongrass essential oil added to enhance the citrus tones. On top of that are Ylang Ylang essential oil and organic Lavender essential oil, to give floral depth and brightness respectively. The final touch — a Clear Quartz mini point charged in the Hawaiian sun — will help facilitate the free-flow of energy. The result is a light, hydrating mist to keep you fresh throughout those long summer days. Shake gently and spray onto your face, body, hair, clothing and the air around you to reinvigorate your space.

Sun Spray Space & Body Mist

SUN & MOON ALL OVER OIL samples are also here for you to try! These are my two new blends that can be used literally ‘all over’ to nourish & soften your hair, hydrate & glisten your skin, refresh & perfume your bod. Both share a common base of Hawaiian Macadamia, organic virgin Coconut & organic extra virgin Olive oils. SUN features the same blend as your new spray, with Hawaiian Lemongrass, organic Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils to provide you with a dose of liquid sunshine regardless of the time of year. MOON is the scent of flowers in bloom on a warm Hawaiian night, with Hawaiian Sandalwood plus Jasmine & Pikake absolutes {two different types of jasmine both from the Jasminum genus}. Both of tropically exotic scents are available in their full size iterations under the Hair & Body Oils collection!

Moon All Over Oil Sample

The June 2018 Elixir Collective package included a 2 oz bottle of Sun Spray and a 2 dram glass dropper vial of each Sun & Moon All Over Oil. A hand-decorated colorful card detailed the subscription box contents & ingredients, and can be read in full here

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