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This luscious scrub combines a few of the islands’ sweetest ingredients and will leave your skin glowing! The hint of mango scent is not actually from mangoes — it comes from Big Island Mango Ginger, a much-loved Ayurvedic beauty secret for its skin-nourishing properties. Fresh Mango Ginger rhizomes were infused into Hawaiian Honey and Organic Coconut Oil, and this hydrating base was blended with Maui Cane Sugar to create a gentle, nourishing body scrub.

To use your scrub, apply to wet skin while bathing, exfoliate in light circular motions and rinse clean ~ sugar is a gentle exfoliator but a bit coarse for the face, so I recommend using it from the neck down. If your skin is oily, follow with soap, but if your skin is dry, use the scrub at the end of your shower routine and let that oil skin in!

Because the base consists of Coconut Oil and Honey, the scrub will slightly solidify and separate at cooler temperatures; simply warm it up in your hands or run the sealed jar under hot water and shake to remix it. You can expect your scrub to last 3 to 6 months, and keeping water out of the jar will help it last as long as possible!

Crafted in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love + plants:
Raw Maui Cane Sugar {
Saccharum officinarum}
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil {Cocos nucifera}
Organic Hawaiian Honey 
Big Island Mango Ginger {Curcuma amada}

Available in a 4 oz amber glass jar for a limited time only! 
If you purchase an Elixir Collective subscription while these are still in stock, you will receive this scrub plus a detailed info card and a piece of Mango Ginger to try for yourself!