JULY 12, 2023 | ONLINE
1-3 PM HST | 4-6 PM PST | 7-9 PM EST

Gain vital insights from traditional medicine for your gut and overall health. Explore the most common digestive patterns that people experience and learn about the specific properties of culinary herbs & foods that can restore balance in the body


Virtual Workshops are held online, so you can join us from near or far. The class will be filmed live and a recording will be available for all signups with 2 month access. A PDF handout with key notes will be provided before class via email.

Time will be allotted at the end of the workshop for Q&A, so tune in for the live class to get all of your questions answered!


This workshop is designed to share key concepts from herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine that can greatly enhance one's understanding of how and what to eat.

Topics covered include:
• The underlying patterns of common digestive distress (such as for constipation, loose stools, bloating etc.)
• Herbal energetics – including tastes, actions & properties – that can address specific patterns
• The energetics of culinary & common herbs and accessible foods
• Lifestyle factors that exacerbate & alleviate specific patterns


Workshops are led by Deanna Rose Ahigian, L.Ac & Dipl.OM, the founder of Indigo Elixirs and licensed clinical herbalist. Deanna has spent over a decade immersed in the art of botanical formulation & advanced herbal medicine, and is passionate about working with local flora to create nourishing & healing elixirs.

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