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Learn how to incorporate herbalism & traditional medicine concepts into your every day eating rituals for better digestion and overall health. We will discuss the healing properties & flavors of different types of foods, culinary herbs & spices, and how to use them to ameliorate digestive issues and other common patterns that are rooted in the gut.


Our wellbeing is rooted in the digestive system, and traditional wisdom offers no shortage of advice on how to eat to best support our body. The workshop look at foods & culinary herbs and spices through the Traditional Chinese Medicine lens of flavors (acrid, bitter, etc.) & temperatures and their associated therapeutic benefits & actions.

We will then discuss common TCM patterns (or groups of associated symptoms) rooted in the digestive system that can affect the body as whole, such as Spleen Qi Deficiency and Stomach Fire. By understanding the nature of the pattern, you'll be able to determine which types of foods are best to remediate it.

Whether you are struggling with difficult digestion or other stubborn health issues or just want to learn how to better feed yourself and your family, this course will provide a wealth of information that will hopefully help you rethink the way you eat!


This is an on-demand virtual replay of a previously recorded class. The workshop includes approximately 1.5 hours of video divided into sections for easier viewing.

A downloadable & printable PDF handout will be provided that includes all notes from the slides.

Registration includes 6 months access to the video content.


Each workshop signup includes a 20% discount toward your next website purchase upon completing a brief feedback survey about the class.


Workshops are led by Deanna Rose Ahigian, L.Ac & Dipl.Om, founder of Indigo Elixirs and licensed clinical herbalist. Deanna has spent the past 15+ years immersed in the study of botanical formulation, advanced herbal medicine, and holistic wellness. Having struggled for years with digestive issues of her own, Deanna was able to transform her health using the concepts she learned while obtaining her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is passionate about sharing ancestral knowledge that can improve overall wellness.