GREETING CARDS by Miriam Zora Engel

These beautiful botanical cards are designed by our friend Miriam Zora Engel, an independent artist based out of Waianae on O'ahu. Each colorful piece depicts tropical fruits and flowers that are beloved throughout Hawai'i. 

Each blank 4" x 6" folded greeting card features original artwork by Miriam Zora Engel. White envelopes are included.  

Words from the artist
"My work is largely about seeing and interpreting. Painting from observation is important to me because it challenges me to see the world in new ways, and also because the paintings I create invite others to see the world through my eyes. I often think about the complex, nearly overwhelming nature of sight. Through painting, I allow myself to construct my own interpretation of these complexities. These interpretations never set out to be a direct copy of the outside world. Instead, they are transmutations that become infused with the subjective experience of selecting, absorbing, and remembering. In this way, painting becomes a process of seeing, a way through which to solidify the fleeting experience of observing the visual world." – Miriam Zora Engel