CITRUS BLISS Conditioning Rinse *Seasonal Batch*

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*This elixir is FRESH ~ it was created in a limited batch and it has a limited shelf life. Please read through the entire description to know if this product is right for you!*


Citrus Bliss is my attempt at a beloved Thai shampoo made with Makrut Limes ~ a traditional recipe that has long been the preferred way to wash hair in Thailand. The lusciously aromatic cream soothes the scalp and hydrates the locks for a healthy, gorgeous head of hair. This formula works wonderfully as a wash & conditioner for those with thick or dry hair and a scalp that tends toward dryness, but can also be used to style thinner hair types that are wavy or curly. 

This fresh elixir is 100% locally sourced with Makrut Limes from Oahu's North Shore and Butterly Pea flowers grown in Waianae. Makrut Limes, which smell akin to sweet Lime but have a peculiar bumpy skin, are revered in Thailand for their ability to encourage healthy hair growth. Butterfly Pea flowers are a gorgeous blue hue that impart a purplish tinge to Citrus Bliss. These delicate blossoms are traditionally blended with the Makrut Limes to leave the hair soft, smooth and shiny, stimulate growth and encourage a moisturized, flake-free scalp. 


Citrus Bliss can be used in a few different ways, depending on your preference. Try it as a rinse in addition to your usual hair care routine, as a substitute for your normal shampoo or conditioner, or to replace both shampoo and conditioner! You can also mix it 1:1 with your regular shampoo to add some suds (since it won’t suds up on its own). I personally have been loving it as the sole product to wash and condition my hair — it feels so invigorating on the scalp, and has been leaving my  locks softer than ever.

Start with a quarter size amount, and work through wet hair while bathing; use more as needed to coat all your strands from root to tip. Give your scalp some extra love by really massaging it in with small circular motions. Once your mane feels thoroughly covered, rinse clean and follow up with your favorite post-shower hair care (for me that consists of coconut oil and Tropical Locks). Work it into your regular washing routine, or incorporate once a week to replenish and help remove buildup from products.

This elixir can also be used to style curly and wavy hair. Work a small amount through damp or dry curls to add hold and body. 

Shelf Life

This fresh concoction can generally last up to six months or longer but I recommend storing in the fridge if you’re using it infrequently. Keep an eye out for changes in scent or discolored patches. Make sure to fully breathe in that invigorating citrus aroma ~ as long as it smells just as fresh, Citrus Bliss is still at its best!


100% Hawai'i Grown ~ North Shore Makrut Limes / Cistus hystrix, Waianae Butterfly Pea Flowers / Clitoria ternatea & Manoa Water


Available in a 6 oz or 10 oz square glass jar. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've enjoyed every last bit. Labels are printed on recycled paper. 

Seasonal Batch

Citrus Bliss is only available when the local Limes are in season. Enter your email below to be notified when we brew the next batch!


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