CITRUS BLISS Conditioning Hair Rinse

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This Conditioning Hair Rinse is based on a traditional Thai shampoo made with freshly harvested Makrut Limes. The lusciously aromatic cream soothes the scalp, encourages growth and hydrates the locks while removing product buildup for a healthy, gorgeous mane.


Enjoy Citrus Bliss as a weekly treatment in place of your usual shampoo & conditioner. Start with a quarter size amount and work through wet hair; use more as needed to massage into the scalp and coat your strands from root to tip. Leave in for a few minutes and then rinse well in cool water.

To style wavy or curly hair, work a small amount through damp or dry curls to add hold and body.


This fresh elixir is 100% locally sourced with Makrut Limes and Butterly Pea flowers grown on O'ahu. Makrut Limes, which smell akin to sweet Lime but have a peculiar bumpy skin, are revered in Thailand for their ability to encourage healthy hair growth.

Butterfly Pea flowers are a gorgeous blue hue that impart a purplish tinge to Citrus Bliss. These delicate blossoms are traditionally blended with the Makrut Limes to leave the hair soft, smooth and shiny, stimulate growth and encourage a moisturized, flake-free scalp.


Citrus Bliss is most potent within six months; store in the fridge if you’re using it infrequently. Keep an eye out for changes in scent or discolored patches. Make sure to fully breathe in that invigorating citrus aroma ~ as long as it smells just as fresh, Citrus Bliss is still at its best!


Available in a 2 oz sample/travel size jar or a 9 oz glass jar. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've enjoyed every last bit. Labels are printed on recycled paper.

100% Hawai'i Grown


O'ahu Makrut Limes / Cistus hystrix, Waianae Butterfly Pea Flowers / Clitoria ternatea & Mānoa Water


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