Indigo Elixirs Team

  Meet Our Coven: Deanna, Melissa & Diana

Founder & Formulator

Deanna Rose Ahigian

Deanna started Indigo Elixirs in 2009 from her college dorm room, and has been brewing up botanical body care ever since. She has devoted the past decade to science & art of herbal medicine, and is passionate about helping people feel their best through plant-powered apothecary offerings and wellness education. After obtaining a Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine, she became a licensed herbalist & acupuncturist in Hawai'i and opened up her virtual herbalism practice in the spring of 2020. Deanna spends her work life dreaming up new formulations, creating custom herbal prescriptions for clients, and cultivating the vision & direction for IE. On a day off, you'll typically find her in the garden, trying her hand at a traditional Armenian dish in the kitchen, or fully immersed in a sci-fi novel. Find her as the voice behind @indigoelixirs on Instagram and read more of her story here.

Order Elixtress & Connection Weaver

Melissa Williams IE Team

With a true appreciation of the joy unboxing can bring, Melissa ensures that every elixir is wrapped with love and care before sending a package out into the world and onto your doorstep. From art house production manager to editorial photoshoot assistant to baker, her wide range of professional experience makes her a true asset to the team and a total natural when it comes to customer service. Ever the source of new ideas, she has a passion for helping small businesses grow authentically and manifesting meaningful connections between motivated individuals. Melissa often comes to work with tropical plants to gift, fresh fruit to share, new craft projects on her agenda and plenty of stories about her adorable little boy; on days off she's usually hanging with her family and rocking her hand-painted sparkly aqua van at the beach. Find her on IG at @happyhibisco.

Herbal Apprentice & Potion Brewer

Diana Ho IE Team

Diana's love of herbalism and effortlessly steady hands make for magic in the apothecary, where she whips up elixirs and assists in every aspect of production. Currently a student at both the East West School of Planetary Herbology and the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, she aspires to be a clinical herbalist specializing in emotional wellbeing, mental health & women’s hormonal & reproductive health. As a certified yoga instructor at the 500 hour RYT level, Diana incorporates movement, meditation & sound in her holistic healing practice, teaching at various venues in Honolulu as well as live online classes. She can also be found surfing, tending to her growing garden and caring for her cute pup Bubba. Find her at & on IG at @dianahoyoga.