SOLVE ALL SALVE for Abrasions & Irritations

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Solve All Salve is a versatile healing balm that works wonders to soothe & mend skin abrasions & irritations like cuts & scrapes, minor rashes, bites, scabs, hangnails, cold sores, dry nasal passages, and any chapped, raw or itchy areas.

Our award-winning formulation is now crafted entirely with Hawai'i grown ingredients, including fresh herbs, cold pressed oils, beeswax & Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil. The scent is very mild, with herbaceous notes and a hint of Sandalwood's woody sweetness.


Apply over clean skin 2-3 times per day or as often as needed. Solve All Salve can be used anywhere on the face, body, hair or scalp and is generally safe for little ones.

If applying to broken skin, make sure the area is clean and shows no signs of infection (such as redness or swelling around the site). Do not apply to acute large open wounds. Herbal salves work best on wounds where the skin has already started to grow back or scabbed over.


Available in a 0.75 oz jar with metal lid. Please repurpose or recycle tins after you've enjoyed every last drop. All labels are printed on 100% recycled paper.


This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase.



Virgin *Macadamia Nut Oil / Macadamia tetraphylla, virgin *Sunflower oil / Helianthus annuus, *Beeswax / Cera alba, *Turmeric / Curcuma longa, *Comfrey / Symphytum officinale, *Lavender / Lavandula angustifolia, *Lemon Balm / Melissa officinalis, º*Oregano / Origanum vulgare, *Calendula / Calendula officinalis, º*Spearmint / Mentha spicata, Royal Hawaiian º*Sandalwood essential oil /Santalum paniculatum

This is a complete list of ingredients. All are sourced exclusively from plants or hives and undergo only time-honored traditional extraction techniques to keep their inherent benefits fully intact. We avoid all things synthetic, relying entirely on the healing potency so abundant within the natural world that our collective ancestors have treasured for millenia.


We sourced ingredients for this elixir from the following Hawai'i farmers & suppliers:



A rainbow of potent botanicals from across the Hawaiian islands steep in locally sourced, nutrient-rich unrefined oil, melding their beautiful aromas and relinquishing their medicinal compounds into the fatty medium. The resulting infused oil is now charged with healing prowess of each individual constituent, amplified by their collective synergy. The herbs are strained out & composted, and raw fragrant local beeswax is added to preserve its integrity. A touch of volatile essential oils, added last, further protect and enhance the blend.

Customer Reviews

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Soothing as heck

I don't need to use this salve very often, but whenever I have a scrape, bug bite, or other skin irritant, it reduces the pain greatly. I've had mine for a looong time, stored in a cool, dark place, and it appears as fresh as the day I bought it.


I had some sort of dermatitis on three knuckles of my left hand, and this salve is the only thing that worked to finally get rid of it!

Best Salve Ever!

This review is for the lemongrass. I keep this on hand because the fire ant stings really affect me and the Solve All is one of the few topicals that give relief. BUT. This was my lifesaver during my bout with covid. My nose was on fire before, during, and after being sick. A little salve on the inside and it was instant relief for hours. Love this stuff

This salve works!

This is the ONLY thing that helped to comfort and subside an atopic dermatitis rash that is reoccurring sporadically on my neck. I tried caladryl and prescribed topical creams to no avail. As soon as I applied the Solve All Salve, the redness subsided drastically and the itching calmed. Please restock this soon! Thank you for your excellent products.

Seriously solves all!

I had a skin irritation on the inside of my nostril that was bothering me for months. I tried several different things and nothing worked. I purchased a tin of the Hawaiian Sandalwood salve from Farm Link Hawaii and used it on a q-tip and rubbed it on the inside of my nose before bed for 2 nights and it healed the spot! It also smells nice. Now my boyfriend and I use it for everything, sunburns, bug bites, etc. A must-have around the house!


When will I receive my order?

Good things take time. Our products are crafted with fresh ingredients & traditional methods to offer you the most potent body care under the sun.

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