In an effort to quench my creative thirsts, I invite you to be a part of the next stage of my alchemical journey ~ the Elixir Collective. Each month, I will create a new elixir that is truly inspired by the botanical offerings around me. I often long to work with flowers that only bloom certain times of the year, surpluses from local farms that are offered to me by farmer friends, obscure herbs that I encounter in the wild. The Collective is my dream experiment, one in which I am always formulating something unique. My greatest passion from this work is derived from exploration of aromas, medicines, pigments, textures... to birth elixirs that have never been born before. I adore inventing, and botanicals happen to be my medium. Beautifully and lovingly crafted skin care is my ever-changing invention.

If you sign on to this journey, you will receive a carefully wrapped package every month that contains one or more exclusive or limited batch items. I may, at times, include samples of new additions to the Indigo Elixirs line. A detailed card, designed with the month's theme in mind, will accompany to elaborate upon the properties, usage, sourcing and inspiration behind the offering. I encourage you to savor and enjoy it, but do use it up in the same way you would eat every last bite of the best meal you've ever tasted. The most beloved Collective products will be made available again seasonally so long as sourcing allows for it. 

There are currently two ways to sign up: either as a Monthly Subscription or as a 4 Month Gift Subscription. The monthly option charges your card once per month, and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. When signing up for the Gift Subscription, you pay a one-time fee upfront that signs you up for 4 consecutive monthly packages. This offering makes a wonderful gift for loved ones who love natural skin care products or have a special connection to Hawaii. 

Are you ready to join me on this sensorial adventure? I invite you to experience all the magic that botanical beauty has to offer! 

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