Check out this citrus bliss! The abundance of bumpy limes in the box means that more Citrus Cream is on its way back into the shop. This dreamy lime-scented concoction is a traditional recipe from Thailand, and can replace both your shampoo and conditioner (or one or the other) while leaving your hair super smooth and scalp ultra refreshed as it cleanses and hydrates your mane. In addition to being my new-found all-time favorite hair elixir, possibly the coolest part is that the formula consists entirely of local Makrut Limes from Lokoea Farms, Butterfly Pea Flowers from Petal to the Mettle and water. ⁠ ⁠

When I first set out to work with Hawaii grown ingredients seven years ago, every step of the process ~ in figuring out what grew locally, who had it, and how to get it ~ was like a scavenger hunt that led me anywhere from backyard jungle gardens to parking lot barter rendezvous. While all of that is still part of my job description, my sourcing game has been exponentially leveled up by my friends over at @farmlinkhawaii, who collaborate with small growers across Oahu to create an online marketplace of all the amazing local produce this island has to offer. This isn’t an ad, I’m just a huge fan ~ I am eternally inspired by new ingredients, love working with exceptionally fresh herbs, and a fundamental part of my mission is supporting Hawaii’s farmers ~ so it’s truly a win, win, win. ⁠ ⁠

If you’re a resident of Oahu, I highly recommend signing up for Farm Link Hawaii and checking out everything they have to offer. And for those of you here for the Citrus Cream, keep an eye out for a restock announcement coming very soon! 

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