Thank you for your interest in becoming an I.E. Stockist! We have made a conscious decision to work specifically with small businesses for wholesale, and are proud to partner with retailers who share our vision for collective wellness. Please read through the policies below and email with any questions. 


• Our preferred method of accepting wholesale orders is through Faire, an online wholesale marketplace. Through their platform you can shop our entire wholesale line and are eligible for Net 30 payment terms. Please use our shop link at to place an order. 

• For retailers who wish to order directly, please fill out our Wholesale Application Form. Once your application is approved, you may email us your order. Invoices will be processed and sent via Wave. 


• We required an opening order of $150 minimum and following orders over $100. Reorders that do not meet this minimum will be charged a processing fee. There is no minimum quantity per individual item.

• All retailers must provide a valid General Excise / Reseller / Business license as proof of their legal status to sell products in the United States. 


• All initial orders must be paid in full before the order is shipped or delivered. Payments may be made in the form of credit card or Paypal via payable Shopify or Wave invoices.


• Full-sized products are available for use as testers at half of the wholesale price. It is up to the retailer to denote that a product is available to sample. Displaying testers with each item greatly increases likelihood for sales, as customers are able to sample a product’s texture and aroma before purchasing.

• Because they have such a huge impact, please be sure that your testers have up to date packaging, look and smell appealing, and are regularly wiped clean of oil and dust.

• We do not create separate ‘tester’ packaging, so testers arrive as full sized standard items. If you would like us to provide stickers to designate tester items for sampling, please let us know.

• New testers are available for purchase at half of the wholesale price. If you would like to refresh your testers without placing an order, please email us at and we will be happy to accommodate.


• Elixirs are made frequently in small batches to ensure the freshest product possible. Depending on current inventory, orders typically take 1 to 2 weeks to be shipped or delivered. 

• Please note that during the holiday season (late October through December), orders may require a 3 to 4 week lead time ~ plan accordingly and place orders as early as necessary. We are happy to accommodate orders placed up to 90 days in advance of the required shipping date. 


• All orders are shipped via USPS in flat rate or priority mail boxes; the rates for orders under $150 generally range from $6.80 to $18.75, depending on the size of box required. International orders will be shipped USPS and charged accordingly based on weight based rates. 

• We pack items with eco-friendly kraft paper; any bubble wrap or packing peanuts in your order is repurposed. Most of the packing peanuts we receive and reuse are biodegradable in water. We utilize recycled and recyclable boxes from USPS, and ship with plastic free kraft packing tape. 


• Like all botanical body care, ours should be enjoyed while ingredients are most potent. We craft in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest possible product, so items typically have a shelf life of about one year from the time it reaches you.

• To ensure that items maintain integrity on your store shelves, be sure to store away from direct sunlight and at temperatures above 60º and below 80º degrees farhenheit.

• Please advise customers that they can help preserve their purchase by always dipping into tins and jars with clean hands, avoid getting water into products, and keeping out of light and extreme temperatures.

• A turnover rate of 3 months or less is ideal, so that items are not sitting on your shelves for long and customers have ample time to enjoy them. If you find that any item is lingering in your shop and perhaps not the right fit for your customers, please let us know as soon as possible so we can provide an exchange.


• Please check your shipments as soon as they arrive to ensure that everything has arrived fully intact. If items broke during transit, let us know and we will promptly provide replacements.

• If you are dissatisfied with any of the products you receive, we will provide a full refund for items that you would like to send back within two weeks of the order delivery.

• Let us know if sales are slow. We can exchange items for up to a month after you receive them, and will work with you at any point beyond that to find a solution.

• If a customer returns an item due to a defect or disliking, we can either provide you a refund or replace the product, or mail a replacement directly to the customer if this is preferred.


• Because Indigo Elixirs are sold in a variety of retail stores as well as online, it is in the best interest of stockists and customers alike that retail prices remain the same across the board to the extent possible. All resellers are highly encouraged to use the suggested retail price.


• Indigo Elixirs are not eligible for resale on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, or any other third party seller. 


• Products can be barcoded upon request. Barcodes are applied on a separate sticker, so please ask for barcodes if they are needed.