If you are ready to take proactive steps toward balanced personal wellness, I would love to assist you on your journey to optimal health. After assessing the unique needs of your body through a holistic lens, I will provide lifestyle guidance and support in the form of nature's most potent healing botanicals.

~ Deanna Rose Ahigian, L.Ac, Dipl.OM



Herbal medicine is an effective way to relieve a myriad of physical ailments and strengthen the body's ability to nourish and repair itself. Through this distance offering, you will meet one-on-one with a licensed herbalist via private video calls that can be easily booked online. After a thorough health assessment, you will receive regular dietary counseling and medicinal herb blends via mail that you can easily prepare at home.

Every recommendation and formulation is tailored specifically for your body, using the comprehensive diagnostics and treatment principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Deanna Rose, a licensed practitioner of TCM, specializes in digestive wellness, cycle balance and skin health. 



During this 15 minute introductory phone call, you will be asked some basic questions about your current state of health as well as your goals to determine if this service is the right fit for your body and health needs.

Free for new clients



Once we mutually decide that this is the right fit, reserve a 60 minute Initial Consultation. Please be sure to fill out all required contact information and agree to the associated treatment policies. Once booked, you will be emailed a link that you can follow to a private video conference when it is time to meet. 

During the session, we will discuss in detail your health history, current concerns and wellness goals. We will also go over your diet, cycle, sleep patterns and daily routines. You may be given some simple specific diet & lifestyle recommendations to start with.

After our session, the herbalist will formulate a set of herbal blends if recommended and desired. You will be emailed a separate itemized bill with your herbal prescription that is payable online. Your formula will be processed within 1-2 business days of payment and mailed directly to your doorstep, along with detailed instructions on how to prepare and take your herbs. 

$90 for 60 minutes + cost of herbs



During our first official visit, you will be given a recommendation for how soon a 30 minute Follow Up phone call is necessary and you can book a convenient time within this window. Appointments may be recommended every one, two or three weeks depending on your unique situation, but you are also welcome to book a Follow Up any time it is needed ~ for instance, if your symptoms suddenly change, if you come down with a cold, or if you run out of herbs.

During Follow Ups, we will address any changes in your current state of health, discuss diet and lifestyle progression, and go over new recommendations to implement. You may also be prescribed a new formula or set of formulas. 

$45 for 30 minutes + cost of herbs



Herbs are priced by the gram, which means that the cost of formulas will vary. Typically, formulas containing raw herbs can be prepared to last 4 days and will cost $2-$5 per day. Formulas typically cost $10-$16 each. Shipping costs $4 per formula plus $2 for each additional formula up to $10. 

For most conditions, herbal packets (each lasting 4 days) will be prescribed 1-4 times per month. You may also be recommended herbal products that are prepared in-house or by reputable suppliers, such as tea blends, extracts and powders. 



• This is a distance-based service, with all consultations occurring via video or phone call and all herbs being delivered through the mail. As a Honolulu-based practitioner, the focus will be on this community; those outside of Hawaii are implored to seek out healing practitioners within their own communities. 

• Herbs will be offered in their whole, raw form as roots, barks, seeds, berries, flowers and leaves. This format is intentional, for you to create a ritual around a healing practice. The herbs you receive will need to be cooked for about an hour and are taken as a strong tea; typically, one herbal packet will last for 4 days and should generally be consumed twice a day.  

• Like any self care work, this requires commitment and follow through. Plant medicine is gentle, and takes time to work. Be patient with yourself and with the medicine, and your body will thank you. 

• Sourcing high quality, potent and clean herbs is a top priority. All herbs come from the most reputable distributors on the market, including Spring Wind & Evergreen Herbs for Chinese herbs and Mountain Rose & Starwest Botanicals for Western herbs. Organic sources are always chosen when available, followed by wildcrafted; at the very least, all batches of herbs have been lab tested to ensure no detectable pesticides whatsoever. Local herbs are prioritized and incorporated whenever possible. 

• Based on the specialized needs of your body, a blend of both traditional Chinese and Western (European / American) herbs may be included in your formula. 

• All patients must agree to the Policies & Procedures of this practice, as well as the HIPAA Notice of Privacy PracticesInformed Consent Agreement and Arbitration Agreement prior to their Initial Intake Consultation. These three documents are all standard protocol when receiving health care from a licensed practitioner, and uphold the interests of both the patient and the provider. Please reach out with questions regarding any of these policies.



Deanna Rose is a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner for herbalism and acupuncture in the state of Hawaii. She is also a registered Diplomate of Oriental Medicine for meeting national accreditation requirements in Foundational Theory of Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Biomedicine and Acupuncture as certified by NCCAOM. In 2017 she graduated with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the World Medicine Institute, a full time master's program which included extensive clinical practice treating patients with herbal medicine and acupuncture. 

Deanna seeks to provide as many herbs grown locally in Hawaii as possible, and sources from both local farmers and her own medicinal garden to add to her ever-growing apothecary. Her first introduction to herbalism was with an apprenticeship program that focused on Western herbs, so she has always maintained an appreciation for these American and European grown folk botanicals and incorporates them into her formulations.

With an equal passion for traditional medicine and modern phytochemistry, Deanna aims to fuse the ancient arts with biological science in the pursuit of healing and effective herbal treatments for her patients. Read more about her story here