Indigo Elixirs are herbalist formulated, Hawai'i grown & sustainably crafted to provide topical wellness & beauty rituals that nurture & heal the body.

Our potent botanical ingredients from across the Hawaiian Islands are sourced through direct trade with local farms to support Hawaii's agricultural & economic resiliency.

We hope that our herbal offerings help to bring the magic of plants into your daily life, to strengthen your communion with nature and forge a connection to ancestral traditions that encouraged living in the balance.



Deanna Rose Ahigian, L.Ac & Dipl.Om, is the licensed clinical herbalist and formulator behind every Indigo Elixirs creation. Having spent the past 15 years dedicated to the art & science of herbal medicine, Deanna draws from traditional techniques, classical herbal combinations and modern phytochemistry to craft healing & effective topical wellness and beauty rituals.



Sustainability is always our top priority, and every aspect of our business is designed for minimal environmental impact. Within our solar powered apothecary, we use a blend of time honored production methods, intentional sourcing and lots of resourcefulness to be a very-near zero waste business.

Elixirs are served in reusable & recyclable glass or compostable vessels, with recycled labels and no extra packaging to avoid waste. All orders are shipped plastic-free with eco friendly packing materials. We reuse or recycle everything we can, and compost all leftover plant material for our garden.



One of our core goals is to help strengthen Hawaii's resiliency by supporting local agriculture. As an isolated archipelago, the once resource-independent Hawaiian Islands now rely heavily on imported goods for every aspect of daily life. Boosting local food production is the best antidote to this dependency, and an increasing number of Hawai'i farms (and companies like Farm Link) have been working hard at this mission.

We source the bulk of our ingredients directly from local farmers & growers to make an impact where we can. Locally grown ingredients serve as the foundation for every elixir and guide our formulations, as we seek inspiration from botanicals that are abundant, underutilized or byproducts of other industries. It is truly an honor to work with the vast rainbow of flora cultivated across the Hawaiian Islands.



When it comes to ingredients, no one has higher standards than we do. While the skin functions as a barrier, our epidermis is highly permeable ~ meaning that whatever goes on, goes in. This is why we should apply the same standards to our body care that we do to the food we eat.

We have chosen to work exclusively with materials that are beneficial for your entire being, so that every ingredient is active ingredient. We are proud of what goes into each elixir, and encourage you to always read the ingredients ~ not just on our stuff, but on anything you’re using.

You will never find fragrance oils, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, or other weird chemicals inside our formulations. Instead, we stick to raw, nutrient-rich ingredients sourced straight from plants or hives. We are committed to creations that allow nature to work in its truest forms.