Crafted by herbalist Deanna Rose
in her Manoa jungle apothecary,
Indigo Elixirs are healing medicines
for the skin & soul. 

Most materials are sourced locally:

Deanna collaborates with local farmers,
wildcrafts from abundant wilderness &
harvests from her own medicinal garden
to gather for her botanical formulas.
By working with the lush, unique 
& diverse flora of the islands, 
each elixir captures a hint
of the essence of Hawai'i.

Your skin is a gateway to the world ~

a living permeable membrane that
absorbs most of what covers it.
As your largest organ, it is crucial
to be kind to your epidermis.
Your skincare should not only be nontoxic,
it should be nutrient rich & reparative:
the elixirs you see here are exactly that.

My packaging is deliberately minimalist,

to produce the least waste possible. 
All elixirs are sold in reusable glass & tins
so that they may be eternally repurposed.
All labels are printed on recycled kraft paper.
Orders are shipped in 100% recycled
& recyclable boxes, packed with leftover
shipping papers & old textbook pages.
Please recycle anything you can't make use of.