HEAD TONIC for Headaches & Vog

$12.00 USD


This endlessly effective blend of cooling & moving essential oils helps to quickly relieve headaches, congestion & sinus pressure on contact. The water-based blend of organic Rosemary, Peppermint & Lavender feels light on the skin and offers a refreshing minty aroma.


• ROSEMARY ~ Opens the vessels to improve circulation

• PEPPERMINT ~ Activates cold receptors in the skin to provide cooling relief

• LAVENDER ~ Calms the nervous system to relieve tension & pain


Shake and roll on to temples, forehead, sinuses, neck and chest. A dot below the nose also helps to quickly revive the senses! Please be careful not to get this product too close to the eye area.


Available in a 1/3 oz glass vial with a roller ball. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've finished enjoyed every last bit. Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper.


This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase.



Rosemary *hydrosol & ºessential oil / Rosmarinus officinalis, ºPeppermint essential oil / Mentha x piperita, ºLavender essential oil / Lavandula officinale

Customer Reviews

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It’ll be my first time using this but I trust all products from Indigo Elixirs will be great

Best Relief

I get really bad headaches in the afternoon and around my lady time, but this little roll on is a lifesaver. The smell is amazing. Have sent to my friends in CA that deal with Valley Fever and poor air quality and they love for them and their kids.

Little wonder

Love this little wonder of a soothing cooling herbal mix to calm and relax me. If I start getting a headache a little rub on my temples and neck give me instant relief.

Thoughtful Duo Gift - 1 of 2

This item was purchased with the Breathe Relief balm as a part of a limited time promotion Deanna offered when the West Coast was burning. I took part in this promotion to send both items to my teacher and dear friend, who was living out of Fresno, California at the time. So while I have not tried these items before on myself, I am happy to leave a review on the service, the owner, and the recipient's response from having tried it herself. For thinking of those out on the West Coast, Deanna wins major points for being so thoughtful and generous for offering a discounted promotion on her items so that they may bring relief to everyone out there and/or accessibility for those of us not in the West Coast to send it our loved ones who are. Ordering online was a breeze, and I appreciated that I was notified about the shipping and tracking of the items, down to when it was delivered. The recipient was very grateful to have received the head tonic and balm, and was very impressed with the quality of both in helping her manage in her situation better. Thank you, Deanna, for giving people like me a way to reach out and help loved ones instead of feeling stuck and helpless from being so far away, while also being able to trust your expertise, service, and level of quality in your products to deliver what they claim.

6 for the price of 5!

I always buy this product in the 6 for the price of 5 deal because I can not tell you how many times I've spontaneously gifted these. I love having them on hand not only for myself, but when we used to be able to go "out" I would put it on and immediately someone would say "OMG - WHAT IS THAT?" and I would just give that one I was using to them so they could enjoy the rest of it, since I have back up's at home. I've even gifted this product in a white elephant exchange and needless to say, it was fought over. I recommend doing the 6 for 5 because you will always have someone to pass it on to. :)


When will I receive my order?

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