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The ultra gentle, ultra sudsy Black 'Olena Cleanser is literally the only soap this herbalist will wash her face with. The story of the formula is all in the name: 'Black' refers to the marvelous cleansing powers of authentic African Black Soap, and 'Olena' is the Hawaiian word for Turmeric.

African Black Soap is a soap truly unique ~ and the secrets of her magic lie within the lye. Originating from West Africa, authentic Black Soap uses a special kind of lye - known as potash - to transform oil into soap. Potash is made from charred plant material that is local & abundant in the region; while recipes vary based on what's available, the ash usually contains botanical waste like Cacao pods, Plantain peels, Coconut husks & Bamboo shoots. The signature brown & earthy-scented bar soap yielded from potash & regional oils is exceptionally gentle, and has been beloved there for generations due to its ability to nurture a delicate complexion and repair problematic skin. For this elixir, we sourced Fair Trade African Black Soap from Ghana that was crafted with Cacao pod potash, raw Shea butter & Coconut oil.

The Turmeric Hydrosol in this formulation was grown in the herbalist's Mānoa medicine garden and distilled in her apothecary. Hydrosols are distillate waters created the same way as essential oils, but are much more mild and require far less plant material to produce. We love Turmeric for its remarkable ability to soothe, calm and brighten the skin.


Black 'Olena Cleanser can be used anywhere on the body from head to toe, and works wonders on dry, irritated, oily or blemished areas.

To wash your face, wet skin & lather up just a few drops in your palms. Massage onto face & throat and rinse clean. Follow up with the Solar Glow Potion, Lunar Glow Potion or your favorite moisturizer.

For acne & blemishes, wet the area, apply just a drop or two of cleanser, rinse, pat dry and apply a very thin layer of Sangre de Drago. Allow to dry and leave on for a few hours (ideally overnight) and wash off with water.

Use a dime to quarter size amount to wash your body, and get your skin well soaped up to shave with! Finish with the Whipped Love Face & Body Butter post-bathing.

To wash your hair, work 1/2 - 1 teaspoon into your strands & scalp when thoroughly saturated with water. After your mane is sufficiently sudsed, rinse out completely. Try skipping the conditioner and simply coat your hair with Tropical Locks Hydrating Serum or your favorite hair-nourishing oil when you get out of the shower. This Cleanser will clean your locks without stripping of moisture and helps to relieve a dry, flaky scalp.


This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase.


*HAWAI'I GROWN ~ Home Grown & Distilled *Turmeric Hydrosol {Curcuma longa}, Fair Trade African Black Soap from Ghana {Raw Shea Butter / Vitellaria paradoxa, Cacao Pods / Theobroma cacao, Coconut Oil / Cocos nucifera, Neem Oil / Azadirachta indica, Water}.

Please note that depending on the source of soap we use in a given batch, the final product may or may not contain an undetectable amount of Neem oil.


Available on a seasonal basis in a 1 oz clear glass bottle with a flip top cap or a 4 oz clear glass bottle with dropper. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've enjoyed every last bit.


All of our items are wrapped using eco-friendly kraft paper & plastic free kraft tape, packaged in recyclable boxes & recycled mailers, and the info cards that accompany your elixirs are printed on 100% recycled paper. No pricing info is included in the box, so every package is ready for gifting!


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