This month marks the end of the Elixir Collective in its current iteration.⁠ I initially started this monthly subscription as a way to share some of Hawaii's more unique and rare flora, in the form of limited batch items that allowed for ultimate creative freedom. After nearly two years, I've crafted dozens of new products ranging from infused honeys to incense and every form of skincare in between. This project has been ultimately fulfilling, as it challenged me every month to formulate something I've never made before, and gave me space to explore materials and mediums that I'd otherwise never dedicated time to. ⁠ ⁠

Hawaiian Sandalwood Incense for the Elixir CollectiveSummer Soak for the Elixir Collective

As I envision ideas for the new year, I have several more involved projects that will take time to bring into fruition; therefore, I am closing this chapter of the Collective so that I may devote more energy into these evolving endeavors. I will still continue to release Limited Batch offerings in the shop, and these will be available for all to enjoy ~ please ensure you're on my email list to always be informed first of my exclusive items. I am also envisioning an Elixir Collective metamorphosis, which would serve as a way to explore my diverse range of products throughout the seasons and set within the context of the story that inspired them. ⁠

Mango Ginger Scrub for the Elixir CollectiveLover's Elixir Tea for the Elixir Collective

To all of those who were a part of the Collective or gifted it to a loved one ~ I want to express my immense gratitude, from every curve of my heart. I will forever treasure this endeavor and everyone whose support transformed it from a dream into a dreamy manifestation. I hope you continue to be a part of this next phase with me, as I've been feeling like the Collective was the perfect warmup to dive even deeper into this eternal art of alchemy ~ the farther I go, the more magic I can ultimately create for you!⁠ ⁠

Coco + Citrus Cream Cleanser for the Elixir Collective

Jade Balm for Elixir Collective No. 2

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