The September Elixir Collective subscription box included an exclusive batch Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oil in a 1/3 oz glass roller and a 4 dram sample vial of my new hair serum, Tropical Locks. The following words were printed on recycled banana paper and wrapped around these alchemical offerings. 

Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oils for the Elixir Collective

Locked within plant cells and tangled amongst its fiber, nature’s richest resource resides often out of sight. Oil — the thick, luscious liquid that we consume and adorn ourselves with — is one of the most nutrient-dense substances on the planet, and its ubiquity is a miracle of modern times. We are able to yield large amounts of oil by a subjecting fatty plant substances like seeds & nuts to a high amount of pressure; this process, known as ‘cold pressing,’ literally presses vegetable material under such weight that the oil separates out from fibrous material. Common cooking oils are created this way, as are ‘carrier oils’ used in skin care that are called such for their ability to bring herbs and essential oils through our waxy epidermis. In addition to serving as a base for delivery, cold pressed oils have their own unique nutrient profile based on their particular molecular arrangement of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. On the body, oils are perhaps our most crucial ally to keep the skin & hair hydrated, balance the complexion, guard against harsh climates, and repair damage to our simultaneously hardy and delicate outmost layer. Enclosed you will find two elixirs consisting entirely of oil, Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oil & Tropical Locks, both designed to embellish two areas always deserving of our love: the lips & hair.

Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oil limited batch labels


This glossy roll on tint is truly a treat for your lips! The treasure of this softening serum is its base of Maui Sunflower oil, cold pressed from the seeds of local sunflowers to yield a nutritious carrier. Native to the Americas but treasured across many cultures, the fact that that Sunflowers always turn their golden yellow blossoms to face the sun is reason enough to love them. The oil mirrors our own skin lipids (fats), and its composition therefore closely resembles the waxy coating known as sebum that helps to protect us from the elements. High in vitamin E, antioxidants and minerals, Sunflower oil provides excellent hydration yet is light in composition, making it ideal for lip care. This delightful Lip Oil is infused with organic Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers for a tartly floral scent, while organic Cinnamon chips add a bit of spice that increases circulation to your lips and brings out their natural fullness. The shade is subtle, and the sheen is unmistakeable — one application will leave your pout supremely soft! To use, glide over your lips and smile to share your inner radiance with the world. Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oil is crafted with Maui Sunflower Oil, Organic California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Hawaiian Hibiscus Flowers, Organic Cinnamon Chips, Wildcrafted Alkanet Root.

Elixir Collective 8 offerings


One of the newest additions to the permanent collection, Tropical Locks has quickly become a favorite of mine — and therefore one that I have to share a sample of. It was inspired by Hawaiian Macadamia oil, pressed from local macadamia nuts on Maui. This oil contains a high content of palmitoleic acid, a rarely found fatty acid that plays a key role in delaying the aging process of our cells. The perfect ratio of Macadamia & organic Coconut oils has evolved into a serum that is actually quite versatile, making it useful for all hair types to thoroughly hydrate your strands and stimulate your scalp. Apply a few pumps into the hands first, then glide from root to tip when it's wet, spending an extra minute to massage your head and refresh those hair follicles. When it's dry, work over the midsection and ends of your mane to keep it looking healthy. For those of you in the normal to thinner hair category, Tropical Locks can be used in small amounts as a smoothing & perfuming serum — apply one pump mostly at the ends. You can also use it as a restorative hair treatment by saturating your hair and then washing it out. A blend of Cardamom, Bergamot & Sweet Orange work wonders at reviving a scalp who bares a heavy burden, and with a heavy dose of Rose and a subtle note of Jasmine, this citrus & floral infusion will leave your locks feeling and smelling ever so tropical! Tropical Locks is crafted with Hawaiian Cold Pressed Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Rose Absolute, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Cardamom Essential Oil.

Elixir Collective 8 bundles

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