The June Elixir Collective featured an exclusive pre-release of Manoa Mist, the latest Atmosphere Spray to be added to the permanent collection {offered in a 1 oz bottle}. This month's subscription box also included a 1/3 oz roll-on vial of Aromatic Armor, an experimental deodorant. The following note accompanied the offerings:


Most days in the back of the valley, the clouds kiss the mountain tops and wisps roll down their sides as if the cosmos were gracing us with their presence. In Hawaiian, the word Manoa means lush and deep, and both are perfect descriptors for this jungly Honolulu neighborhood microcosm. Rain washes over almost daily, but the sun is often present — creating a perfect alchemy for abundant rainbow sightings. These frequent showers give way to vibrant greenery, and in turn the two leave the air drenched with moisture and perfumed with local flora. Backyard citrus trees, jasmine along walkways, wild ginger flowers by the stream, heady blossoms of plumeria, puakinikini, passionflower and champaka from neighbors’ trees all intermingle with the scent of sweet and musky damp earth rising up off the ground. The essence of any place is effervescent, and to bottle it is an enigmatic task; yet my love for this valley has entranced me to encapsulate even the tiniest fragments of her spirit.

Manoa Mist is my interpretation of the valley at dusk: the intoxicating night bloomers are all just beginning their dance across the air, over the verdancy of the day. The sky is streaked with soft purples and hot pink clouds reflecting the setting sun, the birds and geckos sing harmonious symphonies, and the most gentle drops of rain anoint the air. The Mist is a blend of Hawaiian grown & distilled hydrosols of Sandalwood & Vetiver, infused with organic essential oils of Orange & Cardamom and absolutes of Jasmine & Pikake. A fresh, floral scent with a bit of musk and spice, this atmosphere spray can be adorned on your body as well as amongst your space. Spritz yourself — face, hair & body — to revitalize your senses and softly perfume. Waft in a room to reinvigorate and reenergize the air around you, and fill your surroundings with tropical lushness.

While this versatile spray was designed to capture Manoa in a more broad stroke, the scent itself so closely resembles one of my most favorite yet utterly uncapturable local flowers: Awapuhi, or Shampoo Ginger. This wild ginger flower is most often found by the sides of jungle waterfalls, and her fuchsia-colored flower exudes a divinely aromatic clear sap that can be used as a shampoo and wash. You may have to go trekking along a mountain stream for Awapuhi if you want the authentic experience, since the sap is not stable and can’t be preserved — but in the meantime, enrapturing yourself in Manoa Mist might be the closest thing to a Shampoo Ginger shower under a  waterfall that you could find in a bottle! 

Manoa Mist for the Elixir Collective

Elixir Collective No. 17 Text


This little vial contains a formula I’ve personally been sporting for years: my own take on deodorant! Aromatic Armor is a very gentle formula — obviously free of gnarly chemicals like aluminum but also created without baking soda, which I find to be a bit harsh on the skin. Your underarms are a special place in the body: toxin-clearing lymph nodes congregate here, and it is also the first point on the Heart acupuncture energy channel. Sweat and odor are a result of effective lymph clearing out cellular byproducts that you no longer need, and this process is crucial to our health. For this reason, I’ve gravitated toward more mild solutions that allow the skin to breathe. A blend of organic Rose Geranium, Citrus & Lime are antiseptic and help fight odor, Arrowroot flour absorbs sweat, and a touch of Rose absolute adds floral sweetness and has a particular affinity for the heart. Simply shake and roll onto underarms, and keep in mind that depending on your activity and environment it may need to be reapplied once or twice throughout the day; thankfully this sample vial is perfect for stowing in your purse! And whenever you have a moment, apply some oil and massage your pits in circular motions — this often overlooked area works hard for us and is always deserving of our love.

Deodorants in the making

Aromatic Armor vials

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