Sent out just in time for Valentine's, the February Elixir Collective was composed of two botanical blends to honor sensuality & incite passion: an ounce of aphrodisiac Love Oil in a glass bottle and a 2 oz tin of stimulating Lover's Elixir herbal tea. The accompanying note explored the origins & details of these delectable potions...

Having evolved for far longer a time frame than we can even truly comprehend, plants are the original artists of attraction. With a rather stationary status, the survival of flora required pollinators to come to them: for freely moving creatures to to be so allured by their scent and sight that they would stop to take a sip of nectar and pass along their seed. Millions of years later, the natural world emits such a bewitching array of aromas that who could deny their intoxicating abilities? Because we were born into an identical set of earthly elements, many of these aromatic molecules can enchant us just as they would charm a bird or a bat or a bee; in this way, nature works its magic on our own physiology. With an endless array of activating and arousing actions, herbs can effectively amplify our sensuality on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The following potions, crafted for the upcoming holiday in celebration of love, incorporate all of my most beloved botanical aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiac herbs ~ roses, cinnamon, cacao


This ambrosia is a truly a delight for the senses: created entirely with edible aphrodisiacs, the result is an enchanting oil for the body. Organic California extra virgin Olive oil and organic virgin Coconut oil serve as the hydrating base, and a triple infusion of six food herbs make for a delectable dessert worth adorning. Local Cacao shells serve as a mild stimulant, and encourage the release of bliss-triggering endorphins to boost libido. Organic red Rosebuds open the heart, and augment our want for intimacy as well as our discernment in choosing the objects of our affection. Organic Cinnamon chips help to warm the body and support sexual vitality and longevity. Fresh Hawaiian Ginger improves circulation and bloodflow throughout the body, and also helps to heat us up. Wildcrafted Damiana strengthens the reproductive organs and elevates our mood. Big Island Vanilla beans, sought over the millenia for their sultry fragrance, calm and free the spirit. Love Oil can be adorned as a nourishing body or hair oil, and used on your own or with a partner for sensual and restorative massage. This formula is designed to ignite passion & enhance desire… and every ingredient it contains is quite literally good enough to eat!

Fresh Batch of Love OilLove Oil amongst Hawaiian wild ginger flowers


This herbal tea is one of my favorite drinks any time of year — so simple yet so delicious. Hawaiian Cacao shells, organic Rosebuds and organic Cinnamon chips come together effortlessly for a balanced blend of soft sweetness, subtle spice and delicate floral notes. To make your tea, pour a cup of water over a heaping teaspoon of herbs in a tea ball, muslin bag or teapot; cover and let steep for 5 minutes. Please note that Cacao is mildly caffeinated, so enjoy it in the morning if you are sensitive to stimulants! If you love this blend, you can make it at home by combining 2 parts Roses, 2 parts Cacao (I use local shells but nibs are easier to find!) and one part Cinnamon chips. Lover’s Elixir helps to warm & ignite the body and swoon & serenade the mind — take a sip and allow your heart to appreciate all the sources and forms of abundant love in your life!

Lover's Elixir aphrodisiac herbal teaLover's Elixir aphrodisiac herbal tea & Hawaiian wild ginger flowers

Download a printable pdf of the Elixir Collective No. 13 here.

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