The November Elixir Collective subscription box featured an exclusive batch Cacao Oil Mask in a 1 oz amber glass jar and a 1/3 oz sample of my latest reincarnation of Chocolate Balm in a compostable eco-tube. These beauty offerings were sent along with a recycled paper card that displayed a cacao pod embellished by hand and the following words...

Elixir Collective 10 cards

Collective 10 Cacao Pod Designs


Of all of nature’s delectable pleasures, few offer such universal delight as the exotic Cacao bean. Native to the Amazon basin, the common name (and botanical epithet, or second half of the species name) Cacao derives from the Aztec word ‘cacahuatyl,’ while its genus was coined by Carl Linnaeus — Theobroma, meaning ‘food of the gods.’ While many of us are very familiar with the plethora of ways to consume chocolate, quite a bit of alchemy is required to transform the bean into an edible dessert. The Cacao tree grows in tropical regions close to the equator, and I’ve seen its fruits in almost every color of the rainbow. Rich purples, reds, browns, greens (on unripe fruit) and yellows & oranges (on ripe fruit) adorn its tough outer shell, and once split open the inner fruit reveals a fleshy edible pulp that surrounds several bean pods containing bitter purple seeds. These seed pods and pulp are then fermented, and eventually the pods are roasted to produce the cacao nibs used to make chocolate. While the taste is enough to encourage their craving, Cacao actually offers an array of benefits when adorned on the skin. Topical application of raw Cacao offers the rare alkaloid theobromine, potent antioxidants like vitamin C, flavanols and fatty acids which each play a role in reducing the oxidative stress that causes aging, encouraging dermal blood flow for a healthy glow, and working to protect from UV damage. The enclosed elixirs were each crafted with two different forms of Cacao and healing botanicals to provide you with thoroughly rejuvenating complexion concoctions.

Freshly poured Cacao Oil Masks    

Cacao Oil Mask Jars


The Cacao Oil Mask is a rich, creamy facial mask made with pure organic Cacao paste, Maui Sunflower oil infused with Hawaiian Cacao shells, Kaolin and Maui Red Clay. This nourishing mask is designed to restore moisture and supply vital nutrients to your skin in the harshest of these winter months. Sunflower oil serves as balancing base suitable for both dry and oily skin types as it protects the integrity of the skin and can help fight acne. Kaolin Clay is considered one of the most gentle clays to cleanse and exfoliate sensitive skin, while mineral-rich volcanic Maui Red Clay detoxifies and revives. The raw Cacao paste gives this mask its revitalizing properties along with a silky melted chocolate bar texture, and the shells {a natural aromatic byproduct from a friend’s local chocolate company} add a touch of extra nutrients while emboldening the dessert-like scent. Paint a thin layer of this mask onto your face and neck with fingertips, taking care to dip into the jar with clean and dry hands. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with water for dryer skin or follow with a mild cleanser for oily skin. For a lighter feel, mix the mask with one part organic yogurt before applying. Cacao is somewhat of a temperamental ingredient, as it requires a proper ‘temper’ (a precise process involving various heat thresholds and specific ingredient ratios) to properly align its crystalline structure and keep it smooth. As a result of the experimental nature of this elixir, the consistency may change due to variations in temperature: if the mask becomes grainy, this will not compromise its effectiveness so long as the smell remains the same and you can leave the jar in hot water for a few minutes to restore its texture. I recommend using your mask within three months and about once per week — because it won’t last forever, this is all the more reason to take a few moments for guiltless indulgence and give yourself a facial right now!

Chocolate Lip & Body Bar   


Also provided to keep your skin at its peak during these colder days is a sample of my newest arrival, the Chocolate Lip & Body Bar. Formerly known as Chocolate Balm, I wanted to recreate this elixir with a more moisturizing base and a revised format for easier application. The result is possibly the most hydrating item I offer: Oahu Beeswax, organic Cacao & Shea butters, and Maui Macadamia & organic Coconut oils infused with all Hawaiian grown Cacao, Coffee & Vanilla beans provide a decadent treat for the skin. Use it on lips, face and body to protect you before heading into the elements (whether the sun or snow) and to restore dry or chapped areas after coming back inside. The cardboard tube it comes in is wonderfully eco-friendly, and can simply be composted when you’re finished with it. Find the full-size version amongst my permanent collection by the holidays — however this exclusive sample should last you through the winter!

Collective 10 Card closeup

Collective 10 cards folded

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