February marks the beginning of the Elixir Collective, a new monthly subscription that brings you limited batch botanical beauty truly inspired by nature.

In honor of the upcoming holiday celebrating love, this month's offering features an elixir designed for enhancing your innate desire. Love Oil is a sweet yet intoxicating blend of aphrodisiac herbs & essences, perfect for partner or personal massage. With a moisturizing base of Hawaiian Macadamia oil and organic Coconut oil, it can also be used all over to hydrate skin and hair. I was inspired to work with the Passionflower from my garden, and infused it with Maui Vanilla beans and Damiana before layering with fragrant Pikake and Jasmine absolutes. Damiana is considered warming and strengthening to the reproductive organs while enhancing your mood. Passionflower calms the mind, and Vanilla has been sought throughout history for its sensuality. Jasmine and Pikake, both lovely heady flowers, help to reawaken passion. Love oil feels lovely on the body, smells divine, and encourages you into a place of heightened arousal. In addition to being a part of the Collective, this blend is also available in a 1 oz glass bottle until it's all out under the Limited Batch section of the shop. 

This month's package also offers a 2 oz tin of locally grown organic Roselle tea sourced from Counter Culture Farm. Roselle is a type of Hibiscus that produces a calyx (collection of sepals) at the base of its flowers. These succulent calices offer a tart pop to foods & drinks, and when steeped will release a vibrant red color into water! This tea grown in Waialua on Oahu's North Shore is available exclusively for members of the Elixir Collective. 

Each monthly delivery includes a printed card that goes into further depth about the usage, ingredients and properties of the offerings. The February card was printed on kraft paper and adorned with a blue passionflower stamp.


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