You are remembered by the essences you emanate.
Make your mark with a musk that is uniquely yours.

Venom Vials are completely customizable perfumes made to order:
enjoy an ethereal olfactory experience 
that suits your aromatic desires.
I am passionate about creating truly one-of-a-kind
aromas that effortlessly suit the wearer.

Your Venom will arrive in a lovely glass dropper vial,
with a base of organic extra virgin coconut & California olive oils.
Please allow up to two weeks for customizable perfumes to be made.
To order, please purchase a vial and then select your scents from the list below.
{I have provided aromatic comments following each oil to help guide you;
email me at if you have any blending questions.}

1 dram for $30

When making your selection, keep in mind that the following categories are for
descriptive purposes only and you do not have to choose an oil from each section.
You may select any number of oils, but 3 – 6 is generally an ideal amount.

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