VETIVER BUNDLES by Vetiver Farms Hawai'i

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These unique Vetiver Bundles are handcrafted by our friends at Vetiver Farms Hawai'i in Papaikou, Big Island. They consist entirely of the dried roots of Vetiver grass, an ancient botanical planted locally to prevent erosion. Bundles can be burned like sage wands to emit a deeply grounding, woodsy smoke.

Vetiver Farms Hawai'i donates a portion of sales from each Vetiver Bundle to Forever Angels Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa.


Each bundle is about 5" long and 1" thick. To light, remove the paper label and hold a flame at the end for a few minutes. These are slow to burn and will last a long time. Let burn on a heat proof dish, and smother to finish. Never leave burning bundles unattended. 

A Word on Vetiver 

Botanically known as Chrysopogon zizanioides, Vetiver is an inconspicuous ornamental grass above the surface but working magic below it. Vetiver roots itself straight down and several feet deep into the earth, and the roots hold on ever so tightly to soil loosened by erosion. For this reason, Vetiver grasses are planted all over Hawai'i in places where the islands’ edges have begun to slip away. In addition to its underground strength, Vetiver is also extremely resilient: it not only survives but thrives in harsh environments. An effective bioremediation plant, its roots are able to remove pollutants, pesticides and heavy metals from the ground by absorbing and sealing them within its matrices.

With these qualities, Vetiver teaches us to stay grounded by fostering a deep connection with the earth, and imparts the ability to flourish in places where the odds seem to be against us.

About the Local Business

Vetiver Farms Hawai'i offers Vetiver installations throughout the Hawaiian Islands to stabilize land and prevent erosion. In addition to their work in the field, Vetiver Farms is also one of the few producers of essential oils in Hawai'i, and we've been incorporating their high quality oils and hydrosols into our formulations for years. 


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