SAPPHIRE EYES Eyeliner & Shadow


This ultra versatile eyeliner & shadow is a deep, rich shade of navy blue that's gentle on the eyelids. Layer on for a range of sophisticated & alluring looks, from an opaque eyeliner to a semi-sheer shadow. A base of coconut charcoal, clay & local beeswax lends staying power and goes easy on the skin.


Sapphire Eyes seeks to encapsulate the expansive cobalt that surrounds our island shores; the dark cerulean of a twilit sky; the rich tones of indigo shibori; the first eyeshadow I ever rocked to a middle school dance. As a lifelong lover of the color blue, I've been dreaming for years of an elixir in this particular hue.


Use Sapphire Eyes to achieve a range of looks, from an opaque eyeliner to a semi-sheer shadow. Use a thin brush for eyeliner, and a wider brush or clean fingertip for eyeshadow. Layer on for a more dramatic effect ~ see the swatch photo for how it shows up on the skin. 

Sapphire Eyes can also be used as a face & body paint anywhere on the skin.

To remove, cover with a gentle oil (like olive or coconut) and wipe off as much as possible with a soft tissue before washing with a mild soap. 


*Hawaii Grown | ºOrganic ~ ºCalifornian Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Olea europa, *Oahu Beeswax / Cera alba, Ultramarine Blue, Kaolin Clay, Activated Charcoal from Coconut Shells / Cocos nucifera


Available in a 0.15 oz glass jar. Please repurpose or recycle jar after you've enjoyed every last bit. Labels are printed on recycled paper.

Shelf Life

This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase.