QUEEN'S WATER Balancing Toner

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Named after one of the most famous recipes in all of herbal medicine, Queen's Water is a delightfully refreshing spritz for the skin. Local Pineapple vinegar pairs perfectly with deeply pink Roses from the herbalist's garden, offering a bright, sweet and floral aroma. Fresh Turmeric, Comfrey and Rosemary help to balance and tone the skin. 


Queen's Water is gentle enough for all skin types. Mist anywhere on the face or body to refresh the skin. The toner feels especially wonderful on hot, sticky days and can be enjoyed as as after-sun spritz. 

This blend is also designed to balance oily or acne prone skin. To help soothe and astringe problematic areas, wet a reusable cotton round with water, apply a few sprays of toner, and apply to the skin with gentle upward motions. We highly recommend toning after washing with the Black 'Olena Cleanser. 


Inspired by Queen of Hungary Water, this beautifying botanical elixir was fabled to have been formulated by an alchemist for the Queen of Hungary herself. While the exact origins have been lost in time, legends of this herbal skin tonic & perfume date back to the 14th century. Ever-evolving interpretations &  iterations have kept the spirit of this potion alive and well. 


*Hawai'i Grown | ºOrganic ~ ºRose Hydrosol, *Pineapple Vinegar, *Turmeric, *Roses, *Comfrey leaves, *Rosemary 


Available in a 1 oz glass bottle with a spray atomizer. Please reuse or recycle glass after enjoying every last drop. All of our labels are printed on recycled paper. 

Shelf Life

This elixir is most potent within 6 months of purchase.