The moonbather: dancing beneath the moonlight, her soul is serenaded in the darkness of the night. This set was designed as a gift for the monthly moon, a time when our hearts, minds & 

wombs are especially worthy of self love and care. The Moonbather set offers elixirs to ease cramps and embellish the divine feminine within: 

1. BLUE MOON BALM ~ warming herbal rub for cramps, stomach aches & sore muscles {1 oz tin}

2. ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL ELIXIR ~ aromatic moisturizing balm to open the heart, infused with rose, rock rose and a rose quartz stone {1 oz tin}

3. MOON ALL OVER OIL ~ versatile hair & body oil with the intoxicating scent of Jasmine & Hawaiian Sandalwood  {1 oz bottle}

4. COCOA CARDAMOM LIP BAR ~ moisturizing lip balm with a subtle tint {1/3 oz}

Save $8 when you order these Elixirs together!