The fragrant symphony of the forest depths.

A collection of roots, resins and lichens, this deep earthy blend captures the essence of a wander through the middle of the woods. Surrounded by trees, far away from the buzz of civilization, exists a place of quiet solitude ~ a place where the only sounds derive from bird songs, rustling leaves and creaking branches in the wind. Here you can smell the muskiness of damp, fertile earth beneath your feet, and the saps rolling down the barks of ancient trees. 

Midwood Musk is infused with all of my favorite woodsiest aromatics: a blend for the forest bathers who wish to adorn themselves with the scent of nature's escape. Patchouli and Oakmoss are the signatures of this accord, with accompanying heavy notes of Cedarwood and Myrrh, plus just a touch of Vetiver. It is a perfectly versatile blend for men, women, and everyone in between. 

This roll on perfumery adornment can be used anywhere on the body for a natural fragrance. Shake the vial gently before using, as heavier resins tend to sink. All of the aromatics used here {and in all Indigo Elixirs} are purely plant in origin ~ only true essential oils, resins and undiluted absolutes allowed. 

Born from Botanicals in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love +
Organic Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oil {Olea europaea}, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil {Cocos nucifera}, Texan Cedarwood Essential Oil {Juniperus mexicana}, Patchouli Essential Oil {Pogostemon cablin}, Oakmoss Resinoid {Evernia prunastri}, Myrrh Resin {Commiphora myrrha}, Vetiver Essential Oil {Chrysopogon zizanioides}. 

Available in a 1/3 oz {10 ml} glass rollerball vial.

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