LOVE OIL *Limited Batch*


This ambrosial oil is a truly a delight for the senses. Crafted entirely with edible aphrodisiacs, the aromatic result is an enchanting elixir for the body. Fresh Hawaiian Ginger & Big Island Cinnamon warm & circulate, local Cacao & wildcrafted Damiana stimulate & excite, Big Island Vanilla beans soothe & entrance, and organic red Roses swoon & serenade. In unison, this formula is designed to ignite passion; the scent is subtle, sweet, and delicately floral ~ akin to a delectable dessert worth adorning. 

Love Oil can be used as a nourishing body oil: adorn it to get in the mood, to reconnect with your sensuality, to feel desirable and desired. Enjoy on your own or with a partner for restorative massage and sensual play ~ every ingredient in this blend is quite literally good enough to eat! 

Born from Botanicals in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i:
Organic California Extra Virgin Olive Oil {Olea europaea}, 
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil {Cocos nucifera}, Hawaiian *Cacao Shells {Theobroma cacao}, Organic Roses {Rosa damascena}, Wildcrafted Damiana, Big Island True *Cinnamon {Cinnamomi verum}, Hawaiian *Ginger Rhizome, Big Island *Vanilla Beans
*Hawaiian Grown Materials 

 Love Oil is available in a 1 oz bottle for a limited time only!  

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